Sep 20, 2016:

3:22 PM Ticket #12968 (radeon_hd AMD R5 on AMD A8-7100 Radeon R5 (Thinkpad E555) wrong resolution) created by leszek
It seems like if the radeon_hd driver picks up the card and loads …
3:00 PM Ticket #12967 (New catkeys from Pootle site not included in images) created by humdinger
This is hrev50544. There haven't been any catkeys updates of the …
7:01 AM Ticket #12966 (Using an updated freetype v2.7) created by humdinger
This is hrev50544. As discussed on the mailinglist in the thread …

Sep 19, 2016:

8:43 PM Ticket #12965 (NetFS crashes on share unmount) created by bbjimmy
hrev50542 mount an NetFS share Right-click on the Network ( …
8:36 PM Ticket #12964 (Intel Extreme does not support DisplayPort output) created by tqh
Only getting black screen on my laptop. Backlight is on. Providing …
4:23 PM Ticket #12963 (Media Kit Test Baseline) created by kallisti5
Xiph has a nice selection of open test videos here: …
5:20 AM Ticket #12403 (Lenovo Ideapad z580 - Touchpad buttons don't work) closed by pulkomandy
duplicate: Ok, in that case it is probably a Synaptics Clickpad. Our driver has …

Sep 18, 2016:

8:39 PM Ticket #12962 (fflush Crash in BFS) created by AGMS
We're having troubles with a KDL crash in fflush(). Unfortunately …
2:54 PM Ticket #12961 (Autodetection of network shares) created by kallisti5
Currently, if you mount an NFS device, it goes into the BVolumeRoster …
8:48 AM Ticket #12960 ("503 Bad sequence of commands" when sending mail via SMTP) created by humdinger
This is hrev50531. When sending an email via SMTP the mail daemon …

Sep 17, 2016:

5:37 PM Ticket #661 (CannaIM deskbar replicant popup menu not working; replicant handle ...) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev50542.
4:39 PM Ticket #8251 (Adding two localized images that cannot be added via the user guide ...) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: It looks like these have been added to the user guide now (we have …
4:08 PM Ticket #10687 (Add current architecture to PS1) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in a different way in hrev50540.
4:07 PM Ticket #12919 ([Patch] pci-header.awk: remove unused variable) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev50540.
9:37 AM Ticket #10844 ([DiskProbe] select text in Find window) closed by axeld
fixed: Agreed, thanks for the patch! I've applied it in hrev50538.
9:31 AM Ticket #12959 (Confusing pkgman interaction) created by axeld
When I update Haiku via pkgman update, the following text is shown: …
9:22 AM Ticket #12941 ({Patch] vfs.cpp: fix clang build) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev50537. Thanks!

Sep 16, 2016:

9:18 PM Ticket #12850 (WebPositive loads also history if a ref is recived) reopened by Paradoxon
Added a new Patch will loads new refs and so on as a new tab after the …
2:28 PM Ticket #12958 (netfs Network icon only shows at 32X32) closed by diver
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