Oct 6, 2016:

11:10 PM Ticket #8618 (Make color in appearance preflet dragable) reopened by jscipione
Partially reverted in hrev50574 Will try again with drag and drop …
11:09 PM Ticket #12990 (Unreliable drag&drop in BListViews (regression)) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev50574
11:26 AM Ticket #12991 ([Patch] KeyboardInputDevice.cpp: Fix int-in-bool-context warning) created by mt
Gcc7 reports "-Werror=int-in-bool-context" at line 343. Since "1 << (7 …
7:53 AM Ticket #12990 (Unreliable drag&drop in BListViews (regression)) created by humdinger
This is hrev50565. Since John's changes to implement autoscroll in …
6:24 AM Ticket #12989 (File update - Artifact on visable workspace) closed by humdinger

Oct 5, 2016:

9:39 PM Ticket #12987 (Radeon RX480 nonfunctional) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved via hrev50569 and hrev50570
9:17 PM Ticket #12989 (File update - Artifact on visable workspace) created by joy
If one move a folder windows in a non visable workspace with the …
9:12 PM Ticket #12988 (intel_extreme: Atom N4xx no longer functional) created by kallisti5
Atom N4xx was working up until hrev50460. As of hrev50571 it is no …
2:46 PM Ticket #12539 (TextSearch won't grep XHTML files) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applied in hrev50568.
12:14 AM Ticket #12987 (Radeon RX480 nonfunctional) created by kallisti5
x86_64 on Radeon RX 480 non-functional. Looks like some new table …

Oct 4, 2016:

6:18 PM Ticket #12984 (Network continuously cycles disconnect/connect) closed by humdinger
no change required: Thanks. That saves the devs some time... :)
4:57 PM Ticket #12979 ([PATCH] Style fixes for Errors.h) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applid with hrev50566. Thanks!
6:55 AM Ticket #12986 (Use half-stars in Tracker's "rating" attribute column) created by pulkomandy
The attribute column in Tracker uses unicode stars to show the rating …

Oct 3, 2016:

8:57 PM Ticket #12985 ([BOutlineListView] returns the wrong index using FullListCurrentSelection()) created by bbjimmy
hrev50329 Reproducable with the yab-IDE help and FileTypes …
8:37 PM Ticket #12984 (Network continuously cycles disconnect/connect) created by vidrep
hrev50562 x86_gcc2 Starting about 1 - 2 weeks ago the network …
10:13 AM Ticket #12983 (BUrl issues with certain URL strings) created by humdinger
This is hrev50563. The app "Weather" keeps crashing when changing the …

Oct 2, 2016:

6:33 PM Ticket #12982 (Screen is shifted a few pixels down leaving unused black space on the top) created by FridayHaiku
Details about the issue: first few pixels of the screen remain black …
4:40 PM Ticket #9465 (booting alpha4.1 on iMac -- mouse is frozen) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks for the update!

Oct 1, 2016:

5:15 AM Ticket #12981 (BSpinner label not showing in some cases) created by zephjc
In WebPositive, in the Settings window, the label for the spinner …
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