Jan 8, 2017:

10:24 PM Ticket #12978 (Tracker Get Info window layout problem) closed by axeld
fixed: Applied in hrev50847, thanks for the patch! I've merged the second …
8:42 PM Ticket #8429 ([Tracker] crash in BView::Invalidate ()) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in the meantime.
5:06 PM Ticket #13182 ([SoundRecorder] rewrite to use Layout API) created by diver
5:00 PM Ticket #13181 ([MediaPlayer] "drop files to play" view size is hardcoded) created by diver
4:59 PM Ticket #13180 ([StyledEdit] status bar size is hardcoded) created by diver
On HiDPI screens status bar is barely noticeable due to being too tiny.
4:58 PM Ticket #13179 ([Tracker] CountView size is hardcoded) created by diver
On HiDPI screens CountView in Tracker windows is barely noticeable due …
4:56 PM Ticket #13178 ([libtracker.so] filepanel buttons are cut off) created by diver
hrev50840. At large font size Cancel/Open buttons are cut off at the …
4:53 PM Ticket #13177 ([Interface Kit] scale BToolBar) created by diver
On HiDPI screens ToolBar icons could be too small. It would be nice to …
4:50 PM Ticket #13176 ([Interface Kit] column width should grow with font size) created by diver
If one wants to use HiDPI with large fonts one has to constantly …
4:44 PM Ticket #13175 ([Interface Kit] scale replicant handles) created by diver
On HiDPI it is very difficult to click replicant handles, they should …
4:42 PM Ticket #13174 ([CodyCam] fix incorrect use of Layout API (easy)) created by diver
4:39 PM Ticket #13173 ([ProcessController] make it possible to resize it horizontally) created by diver
On HiDPI there is a need to be able to resize replicant window …
4:32 PM Ticket #13172 ([Deskbar] crash in TDeskbarMenuTitle::CalcIconWidth) created by Janus
4:32 PM Ticket #13171 ([app_server] scale cursors) created by diver
On HiDPI screens cursors look tiny and almost invisible. Probably …
4:29 PM Ticket #13170 ([Interface Kit] scrollbars do not scale) created by diver
With large font size most apps look good, however scrollbars do not …
4:27 PM Ticket #13169 ([Interface Kit] switch to 32x32 icons in menus with large font size) created by diver
On HiDPI displays one has to use large font size, however menu icons …
4:22 PM Ticket #13168 ([Deskbar] settings: spinners are invisible) created by diver
hrev50840. At large font size spinners in Deskbar settings window are …
4:14 PM Ticket #13167 ([DeskCalc] buttons are cut off) created by diver
hrev50840. Buttons on the right side are cut off at 24pt. font size.
4:13 PM Ticket #13166 ([DataTranslations] initial window text is cut off (easy)) created by diver
hrev50840. With 20pt font size initial window is cut off. …
4:11 PM Ticket #13165 ([WebPositive] align menus to the right size in Settings window (easy)) created by diver
Menus in fonts tab of Settings window should align to the right side
4:07 PM Ticket #13164 ([DiskProbe] String editor's text view is collapsed with large font) created by diver
hrev50840. With 20pt. font size text view in Attributes -> …
4:04 PM Ticket #12966 (Using an updated freetype v2.7) closed by jua
4:03 PM Ticket #13163 ([Mail] use layout api for find window) created by diver
Currently, it doesn't scale well with 20pt. font size.
1:34 PM Ticket #10270 ([Open Target Folder] doesn't work for Deskbar links) closed by diver
fixed: Works just fine now.
1:30 PM Ticket #9257 ([Deskbar] crashed in TExpandoMenuBar::monitor_team_windows) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in the meantime.
1:12 PM Ticket #8689 ([E-mail] preflet deadlocks) closed by diver
fixed: Can't reproduce anymore. Likely fixed in the meantime.
1:01 PM Ticket #13162 (Media Add-on server crashing right after booting...) created by bruno
If I start Haiku.. media add-on server will crash if I try to play a …
12:58 PM Ticket #7797 ([app_server] Alternative implementation of subpixel rendering (patch)) closed by diver
fixed: Mostly fixed in hrev50713 with FreeType 2.7 update. For more see #12966.
12:45 PM Ticket #7066 ([kernel] Panic while resizing SoundRecorder window) closed by diver
12:44 PM Ticket #7065 ([kernel] Panic while running mime_update.sh) closed by diver
not reproducible: Likely fixed in the meantime.
12:40 PM Ticket #6485 ([Activity Monitor] crash in BMessage::SendReply ()) closed by diver
fixed: Probably fixed in the meantime.
12:08 PM Ticket #3343 ([Drupal] Recent comments doesn't link to proper page) closed by diver
no change required: Recent comments menu doesn't exist anymore.
12:06 PM Ticket #1555 ([Deskbar] crash in DeleteMenuWindow) closed by diver
fixed: Likely fixed in the meantime.
12:03 PM Ticket #10157 ([app_server] reasonable resolution display support) closed by diver
duplicate: It appears that blurry fonts were due to the lack of HiDPI support in …
11:03 AM Ticket #8505 (increasing icon size + horizontal position leads to bad graphic ...) closed by jscipione
fixed: Fixed in hrev50841
10:20 AM Ticket #13158 (Closed stacked tabs are not redrawn correctly) closed by diver
duplicate: Indeed :)
10:10 AM Ticket #13161 (-norefresh parameter in pkgman command) created by michel
The pkgman command refreshes all the loaded repositories every time it …
7:34 AM Ticket #13160 (Debugger crashes when loading debuginfo) created by KapiX
Repro package: http://haiku.kacperkasper.pl/instdir.zip (356 MB) 1. …
4:11 AM Ticket #13159 (Some LibreOffice's unit tests crash in __pthread_key_call_destructors) created by KapiX
As in title. Archive: …
4:05 AM Ticket #13158 (Closed stacked tabs are not redrawn correctly) created by KapiX
If you close an application that has multiple windows stacked, the …

Jan 7, 2017:

6:52 PM Ticket #13147 (Submitting Repositories preflet and HaikuDepot change) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Merged in hrev50835. Thank you so much!
5:43 PM Ticket #13157 (MediaPlayer: add previous and next track function for optical disks ...) created by vidrep
Currently the ability to select the previous or next track on a audio …
2:25 PM Ticket #7865 (kernel panic when running cmake (not every time)) closed by pulkomandy
2:18 PM Ticket #8293 (BNetworkAddress needs to check if there is an available IPv6 connection.) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Confirmed working with AI_ADDRCONFIG flag, closing again.
1:28 AM Ticket #13156 (64 bit fails to play some audio and video files) created by vidrep
hrev50830 x86_64 This is meant as a test for the recent …

Jan 6, 2017:

10:52 PM Ticket #13155 ([registrar] add Try again button in shutdown dialog) created by diver
Current macOS added Try again button to its shutdown dialog …
3:12 PM Ticket #13154 (libixion tests crash in pthreads) created by KapiX
Lots of crashes mostly related to TLS and freeing resources. Recipe: …

Jan 5, 2017:

6:38 PM Ticket #13153 (DiVx mpeg4 part 2 still not all working in media player) created by AlienSoldier
They no longer crash but they still don't play like they should. The …
12:51 PM Ticket #13152 (Live-CD intel.extreme graphics driver no longer recognizes i965GM) created by joergn_1
The latest nightlies gives a blank screen on my notebook HP6910p. I …
7:26 AM Ticket #13151 (BFilePanel empty after pressing ESC) created by humdinger
This is hrev50808. If a filepanel is used in B_DIRECTORY_NODE mode …

Jan 4, 2017:

10:30 PM Ticket #12962 (fflush Crash in BFS) closed by axeld
fixed: BFS bug fixed in hrev50820 -- let's see what comes next :-)
10:30 PM Ticket #13094 ([bfs] divide error exception in MimeManager Looper) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev50820 - it was not the only place that needed the check, …
6:46 PM Ticket #13150 (Some mp3 files fail to play on recent builds) created by vidrep
Some mp3 files fail to play on recent Haiku builds. hrev50818 x86_gcc2 …

Jan 3, 2017:

11:21 PM HardwareInfo/video/NVidia edited by richienyhus
Add GPGPU section (diff)
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