Mar 3, 2017:

7:35 PM Ticket #10975 (KDL while executing /bin/top in OpenJDK) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Ok, according to NetSurf people, this particular problem is gone. They …
4:04 PM Ticket #7362 (hosts file not utilized) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Yes, the fact that the host files does override DNS queries means the …

Mar 2, 2017:

8:19 PM Ticket #13362 (Conditional breakpoints in debugger are erratic) created by calvinb
While I can set breakpoints such as "handle != 0x3" or "0" and they …
7:30 PM Ticket #11165 (Add date to Source Activity) closed by waddlesplash
6:08 PM Ticket #13339 (Password reset doesn't work) closed by humdinger
fixed: Checked, password reset works as well as registering a new account. …
5:43 PM Ticket #10506 (Not receiving subscription e-mails) closed by kallisti5

Mar 1, 2017:

9:49 PM Ticket #13298 (Mail isn't collected from IMAP server) closed by axeld
fixed: Thanks for the patch, applied in hrev50992.
7:29 PM Ticket #13361 (WebPositive: @fonta-face not working) created by dsjonny
Hi! I have tried some nightlies until hrev50967 and I found that the …
2:26 PM Ticket #11377 ([kernel] PANIC: gKernelArgs.arch_args.pgtables overflow) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Yes, let's close this until there is a chipset that needs 17 or more.
2:17 PM Ticket #13360 (acpi_task consuming 100% of one CPU and syslog full of KERN: port XXX ...) created by davewthompson
On my Lenovo ThinkCentre M93 one core is being consumed by the …
8:11 AM Ticket #11998 (Wifi impossible to install without physical network connection) closed by humdinger
fixed: Since the website moved to be static, I could upload the updated/new …

Feb 28, 2017:

6:40 PM Ticket #12734 (haiku website spam filter overzealous...) closed by kallisti5
no change required
5:53 PM Ticket #12399 (Static network address configuration fails) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev50988. Thanks!
4:48 PM Ticket #13359 (download.haiku-os.org does not redirect to HTTPS) created by kainjow
www.haiku-os.org does, but download subdomain does not. I think it …
8:09 AM Ticket #13315 (Polish.keymap: added further four glyphs: '«', '»', '±' and '°'.) closed by humdinger
fixed: Applied with hrev50987. Thanks!
7:28 AM Ticket #13358 (Adjust link to etiquette in mailing lists) created by humdinger
As "maywork" on IRC pointed out, the link to the …

Feb 27, 2017:

11:04 PM Ticket #12778 ([Patch] acpica: fix gcc6 warnings) closed by waddlesplash
6:25 AM Ticket #13357 (WebPositive crashes after closing Amazon tabs while page is still loading) closed by diver
6:17 AM Ticket #9300 (Add support for PHP to Poorman) closed by pulkomandy
no change required: Yes, package manager makes it super easy to install a real webserver now.

Feb 26, 2017:

9:23 PM Ticket #13357 (WebPositive crashes after closing Amazon tabs while page is still loading) created by kainjow
I seem to be able to reproduce this quite consistently. - Open …
7:54 PM Ticket #13213 (tcpdump crashes) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev50980.
7:40 PM Ticket #13356 (Wonderbrush crashes on launch) created by bbjimmy
hrev50979 After updating Haiku, WonderBrush crashes with: thread …
7:32 PM Ticket #13355 (playsound crashes) created by bbjimmy
on hrev50979 Install noose from the fatelk repo ... …
4:10 AM Ticket #13354 (Trac's "Has a Patch" gets set when attaching files in WebPositive) created by kainjow
Everytime I attach a file to a ticket on dev.haiku-os.org the "Has a …
4:07 AM Ticket #13353 (PNG DataTranslations copyright texts is cut off) created by kainjow
See screenshot. The "Group" word is cut off. The spacing on the left …
3:56 AM Ticket #13352 (MediaPlayer crashes when trying to play short wavs) created by kainjow
Trying to play a few wavs that are very short, but MediaPlayer crashes …
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