Apr 13, 2017:

7:37 PM Ticket #13429 (Atheros Wifi support broke) created by tojoko
until lately, my atheros wifi was supported and worked, besides some …
7:17 PM Ticket #13428 (No Sound on HDA Intel) created by jstln
haiku-nightly-hrev51074-x86_gcc2_hybrid-anyboot and there is no sound. …

Apr 12, 2017:

8:35 PM Ticket #13426 (Package Requires and Provides Version Range Comparison Broken) closed by bonefish
no change required: Replying to AGMS: > then pkgman will fail, saying …
7:35 PM Ticket #13427 (Package Uninstall should run a Bash Script too) created by AGMS
There's a .PackageInfo keyword for "post-install-scripts" which comes …
7:29 PM Ticket #13426 (Package Requires and Provides Version Range Comparison Broken) created by AGMS
The comparison of version numbers doesn't take into account that it is …

Apr 10, 2017:

9:40 PM Ticket #9707 (Vitualbox: slow down when using more than 1 processor (AMD)) closed by axeld
invalid: Yep, I guess that's true; I've switched all my VirtualBox VMs to one …
7:57 PM Ticket #12760 (/var/shared_memory not created at startup) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev51089.
12:55 PM Ticket #13425 (MediaExtractor for BUrl crashes on delete) created by fishpond
A MediaExtractor created with a BUrl will cause a crash when deleted …
12:04 PM Ticket #10633 (Boot failure - could not mount packagefs) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Thanks for the update!
11:19 AM HardwareInfo/tuner/DiBcom edited by richienyhus
Add extra details (diff)
5:28 AM Ticket #13418 (no IRC notifications for commits anymore) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: It has been restarted.

Apr 9, 2017:

10:51 PM HardwareInfo/tuner/DiBcom edited by richienyhus
Add a few more cards (diff)
9:06 PM Ticket #9592 ([Keymap] don't invalidate everything in KeyboardLayoutView) closed by axeld
invalid: It actually, does, you're mistaken. It only calls Invalidate() in …
8:31 PM Ticket #3508 (Resizing artefacts in DiskProbe's attribute editor) closed by axeld
fixed: This obviously has been fixed in the mean time, or is no longer …
8:15 PM Ticket #13386 (Some GUI issues of SoftwareUpdater) closed by perelandra
fixed: Should be fixed in hrev51057 *The window isn't horizontally …
7:59 PM Ticket #13421 (SoftwareUpdater crash) closed by perelandra
not reproducible: I'm pretty sure you had an older binary, and since I updated the …
6:08 PM Ticket #1429 (Icons for some of the servers use old style.) closed by humdinger
fixed: Last icon added with hrev51086. \o/
4:55 PM Ticket #6747 ([BOutlineListView] incorrect behavior observed in Locale preflet's ...) closed by anevilyak
fixed: As best I can tell, both issues have been resolved here. Thanks!
4:01 PM Ticket #8777 (Kernel panic in everyday use of system (specifically Pe here).) closed by axeld
fixed: This could have been caused by the broken disconnect FD handling; …
3:59 PM Ticket #7889 (KDL, possibly FS, possible CDDA related) closed by axeld
fixed: Yes, that should indeed have fixed it. If not, please reopen with a …
3:53 PM Ticket #7956 ([NetworkStatus] last line in info alert can't fit if iface name is ...) closed by axeld
fixed: Should be fixed indeed, but if not, there is probably another ticket …
3:51 PM Ticket #12796 (Resizing window causes addattr crash) closed by axeld
duplicate: While it may be helpful to describe the situation when an unexpected …
3:41 PM Ticket #9038 (Can't access hotmail from mail daemon) closed by pulkomandy
not reproducible: hotmail is no more.
3:07 PM Ticket #4306 ([app_server] Deskbar only visible on the current workspace) closed by axeld
duplicate: Ticket #12139 contains a better description of the actual problem that …
3:02 PM Ticket #9564 ("clicks" field in B_MOUSE_DOWN message is reset on mouse move) closed by axeld
no change required: Since the current implementation works just fine, and we don't have …
2:56 PM Ticket #6332 (Commenting syslog_daemon hangs Bootscript) closed by axeld
not reproducible: That might indeed have been a problem. However, there is no Bootscript …
2:36 PM Ticket #10796 (Copying files from read-only USB stick to writeable disk leaves them ...) closed by axeld
no change required: Permissions are and will always be preserved during copy. A read only …
10:10 AM Ticket #9839 (VFS: race condition between get_vnode() and new_vnode()/publish_vnode()) closed by axeld
7:48 AM HardwareInfo/tuner/DiBcom created by richienyhus
Start DiBcom page (WIP)
5:56 AM Ticket #5262 (PANIC: vnode 3:7895866 already exists (node = 0xe0044000, vnode->node ...) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: For the first time tonight, my build slave got through a complete …
12:23 AM Ticket #13424 (pkgman shows issues in Terminal) created by Giova84
hrev51079 I suspect that this one could be related to ticket:13404
12:10 AM Ticket #13423 (print_addon_server: troubles when I print to PDF) created by Giova84
Whenever I attempt to print a document using the PDF WRITER set inside …
12:01 AM HardwareInfo/tuner/E3C created by richienyhus
Start E3C page

Apr 8, 2017:

9:51 PM Ticket #3237 (Trace buffer size not checked if fits in memory) closed by axeld
no change required: Since you have to compile your own kernel in order to use that feature …
8:54 PM Ticket #13254 (Query on E-Mail Attributes Misses Files) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev51082, thanks again for your mails. I'll now take offers …
8:23 PM Ticket #13422 (crash of app_server in line array handling) created by pulkomandy
I have a fullscreen ActivityMonitor with four graphs. I am running …
7:31 PM Ticket #9599 (Could not find codec parameters) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Closing since there is at least one working version of the file now.
7:07 PM Ticket #9600 (WebM files are losing all the frames.) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: I tried the files from http://www.webmfiles.org/demo-files/ and they …
6:55 PM Ticket #11505 ([MediaPlayer] fTempPacket.size >= 0) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Closing because the assert is not there anymore. The issues from the …
6:51 PM Ticket #13153 (DiVx mpeg4 part 2 still not all working in media player) closed by pulkomandy
5:25 PM Ticket #13421 (SoftwareUpdater crash) created by vidrep
hrev51079 x86_64 Fresh install of Haiku. Launching SoftwareUpdater …
4:32 PM Ticket #12788 (BTRFS crash on mount) closed by pulkomandy
2:07 PM Ticket #13420 (New article submission for haiku-os.org) created by andrewz
Here is an article submitted to haiku-os.org in HTML format. Symmetric …
12:23 PM Ticket #11422 (Crash in libicu) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Since we now have texlive packages, I assume this was fixed since then.
12:14 PM Ticket #13120 (pkgman full-sync error) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: I think most packages have been fixed now. If you still have problems, …
10:30 AM Ticket #11873 ("Time running" doesn't reset over restart under virtualbox.) closed by axeld
no change required: Tracked as ticket #16643 in …
5:57 AM Ticket #13419 (MOV video incorrect time and other issues) closed by pulkomandy
no change required: Well, given the results on other platforms, I guess what we do is not …
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