Jul 22, 2017:

9:08 PM Ticket #9629 (WebKit / WebCore / JavaScriptCore) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Commit e5562c3 at haikuwebkit should enable the javascriptcore …
8:32 PM Ticket #13283 (Web+ crashes on ZenDesk demo site) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Could not reproduce and no debug report attached. I assume it is fixed …
8:26 PM Ticket #13619 (GLTeapot hit-testing fails with Mesa17 (x86-64)) created by jua
Symptom is that you can't click the teapot to move it around when …
8:21 PM Ticket #13050 (WebPositive crashes in BLooper::~BLooper()) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: This is fixed in HaikuWebKit 1.6.0. Please open a new bug report if …
7:06 PM Ticket #13617 (Search on haiku-os.org got worse) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Previously that search box was just the Drupal search box, and so it …
7:04 PM Ticket #11262 (Inconsistent date format) closed by waddlesplash
5:25 PM Ticket #11343 (Locale prefs formatting doesn't work on time in Tracker) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Done in hrev51300, and I think it removes most of the hardcoded strings.
4:22 PM Ticket #10392 ([WebPositive] crashes in BHttpHeader::NameIs) closed by pulkomandy
4:21 PM Ticket #13058 (Web Positive Crashes hrev50670) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Both bugs fixed in HaikuWebKit 1.6.0. Please open new tickets if you …
1:41 PM Ticket #13617 (Search on haiku-os.org got worse) reopened by starsseed
Using site:*.haiku-os.org instead of …
12:35 PM Ticket #13617 (Search on haiku-os.org got worse) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Done in …
10:12 AM Ticket #13618 (Haiku lacks support for a locale-sensitive decimal point.) created by owenca
It seems that Haiku does not set the default decimal-point character …
9:34 AM Ticket #6775 ([PNGTranslator] can't open /system/documentation/diskusage/*.png images) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Fixed in hrev51297: - Fixed the crash in ShowImage. Failing to open …
8:33 AM Ticket #13617 (Search on haiku-os.org got worse) created by humdinger
The new search feature of the Haiku website

Jul 21, 2017:

4:59 PM Ticket #13607 (View.h: use of long instead of off_t) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev51296.
10:12 AM Ticket #13616 (arc4random needed for expat) created by Begasus
expat can't be build with support for arc4random

Jul 20, 2017:

8:09 PM Ticket #12650 (64 bit MediaPlayer crashes on some AVI videos) closed by korli
fixed: A Mediaplayer thread seems to crash on closing, but that's a minor problem.
3:31 PM Ticket #13615 (listattr Long Format Listing has Garbage at end of CSTR Attributes) created by AGMS
If you make a CSTR (C string) attribute of length 9, with no NUL at …
11:48 AM Ticket #13614 (MediaPlayer Streaming issues) created by thaflo
Reproducable on my machine. The stream unterrupts after a while (could …
8:11 AM Ticket #13573 (The command ":> /" does not fail regardless of the shell) closed by axeld
fixed: Fixed in hrev51294, thanks for the report!
7:42 AM Ticket #13611 ([PATCH] Fix window behavior when default button is present) closed by axeld
fixed: Applied in hrev51292, thanks!
2:30 AM Ticket #13613 (SoftwareUpdater: error after update) created by Giova84
Updating from hrev51278_gcc2h to 51291_gcc2h using SoftwareUpdater …

Jul 19, 2017:

12:20 PM Ticket #13612 (BTRFS: Adding write support) created by hyche
Branch: https://github.com/hyche/haiku/tree/btrfs. Commits to merge: …

Jul 18, 2017:

9:29 PM Ticket #13611 ([PATCH] Fix window behavior when default button is present) created by KapiX
Currently the window hijacks almost all Enter key combos. …

Jul 17, 2017:

10:00 PM Ticket #13610 (GLTeapot requires mesa-swpipe) created by vidrep
hrev51289 x86_64 Fresh install of hrev51288 with pkgman update to …
8:31 AM Ticket #13586 ([WebPositive] crashes in ...) closed by diver
fixed: Doesn't crash anymore.
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