Dec 12, 2017:

11:46 PM Ticket #13861 (KDL: ps2 service) created by vidrep
hrev51669 x86_64 Ran pkgman update-> hrev51669 to 51670 After …
6:39 PM Ticket #13860 (Improved GUI/behaviour of HaikuDepot) created by humdinger
HaikuDepot isn't as easy to use as it should be. The changes when …
5:58 PM Ticket #13859 ((YouTube) HTML5 video, short video(s) appear to pause completely) created by WildKeccak
Like this from Parappa the Rapper (Yeah, I know, I gotta believe!) …
8:01 AM Ticket #11656 (Haiku image build failed) closed by diver
no change required
4:28 AM Ticket #12171 (Attempting gcc4 hybrid build fails) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Likely fixed either by my refactoring of configure or cleanups that …
4:26 AM Ticket #4091 (r31522 build breakage on parallel jam) closed by waddlesplash
4:20 AM Ticket #8825 (inconsistencies regarding BeBuild.h) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev51670.
4:19 AM Ticket #11263 (WebPositive should depend on openssl) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: And now we handle this properly: …
4:17 AM Ticket #12130 (Haiku buildtools contains old in-tree softwares) closed by waddlesplash
no change required: So, no changes needed here then; buildtools can do what it likes.
4:13 AM Ticket #11185 (Provide ram_disk driver and ramdisk command as an optional package) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: The ramdisk command has been included in the build since hrev50664.
4:04 AM Ticket #10957 (jam upload-packages can't upload packages for another architecture.) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: jam upload-packages is gone with the new repositories.
3:59 AM Ticket #3603 (BuildSetup : check for correct version of jam) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Implemented a somewhat different version of this in hrev51640.
3:58 AM Ticket #1952 (compilation stops crosscompiling x86 haiku image on linux-ppc) closed by waddlesplash
no change required: It's been 10 years, the cross-compilation system has been overhauled …
12:29 AM Ticket #13847 (BeBuild.h is dependent on __GNUC__) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Added TCC support in hrev51670.

Dec 11, 2017:

10:38 PM Ticket #13857 (#include_next is broken for system headers) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: As mentioned on the HaikuPorts issue, this is incorrect; you use …
2:38 PM Ticket #13858 (WebPositive difficult to reproduce crash on exit (Pandora)) created by WildKeccak
Has only happened (maybe) a couple of times on me
1:30 PM Ticket #13857 (#include_next is broken for system headers) created by leorize
Test case: {{{echo '#include <bsd/string.h>' | gcc -D_BSD_SOURCE -x c …
10:45 AM Ticket #13856 (Webpositive is missing trailing dots in menus) created by konrad
I think settings in menu should have trailing dots. Settings…
1:56 AM Ticket #13855 (WebPositive crashes in BHttpRequest::_MakeRequest()) created by WildKeccak
WebPositive crashes in BHttpRequest::_MakeRequest() after some …

Dec 10, 2017:

5:48 PM Ticket #13854 (Slight anomaly in Pandora concerning times) created by WildKeccak
hrev 51667 x86_gcc2 Times are not (always) being updated. I am …
2:41 AM Ticket #13853 (Slight anomaly in Mastodon concerning times.) created by WildKeccak
The times on the right are always saying "now".
1:20 AM Ticket #13852 (mastodon has issues with its back link in WebPositive) created by WildKeccak
It's like the page is not being updated while the URL bar is correct. …

Dec 9, 2017:

7:52 PM Ticket #13851 (Add seek backward/forward button function) created by humdinger
This is hrev51651. Currently the GUI doesn't expose seeking, i.e. …
7:11 PM Ticket #9793 (MediaPlayer commandline options / streaming) closed by KapiX
fixed: Applied in hrev51663. Thanks!
6:45 PM Ticket #13850 (KeymapSwitcher is not installed in Deskbar) created by Lan72
After the last updates of the night builds, starting somewhere from …
4:46 PM Ticket #13849 (Web+ crashes while playing YouTube videos) created by WildKeccak
Can't quite pin it down. Attached are some reports.
3:13 PM Ticket #13848 (WebPositive ignores home page settings, new page settings) created by WildKeccak
WebPositive doesn't seem to care what I set my home page, new window …
11:12 AM Ticket #13847 (BeBuild.h is dependent on __GNUC__) created by leorize
Currently Haiku's …
9:49 AM Ticket #13846 (AMD RX Vega Series) created by Karan
Haiku does not support AMD RX Vega Series.
9:39 AM Ticket #13845 (Expose the MediaPlayer playlist as a scripting object) created by owenca
It should be able to return the number of tracks and the title of a …
7:09 AM Ticket #13844 (Sometimes, the timeline in YouTube is not shown in the right position) created by WildKeccak
I have just made a few screenshots.

Dec 8, 2017:

11:14 PM Ticket #13830 (Broken link to HIG) closed by waddlesplash
5:56 PM GoogleCodeInTaskBook2 edited by emrysnurmi
4:44 PM Ticket #13843 (KDL when cloning an git repo from NFSv4 share) created by leorize
2:11 PM Ticket #13842 ([StyledEdit] Crashes when the user reopen ReplaceWindow) closed by Janus
fixed: Fixed in hrev51662
2:00 PM Ticket #13842 ([StyledEdit] Crashes when the user reopen ReplaceWindow) created by Janus
How to reproduce the problem: 1. open Replace... 2. close the window …
12:51 PM Ticket #13841 ([StyledEdit] isn't compliant to the Human Interface Guidelines) created by Janus
= Keyboard Accelerators: The Sports Cars of GUIs More advanced users …
12:44 PM Ticket #13840 ([3com] reset didn't complete) created by davidpgil
After several reinstalls, I have concluded installing the latest …
4:35 AM Ticket #13839 (Haiku can not boot with usb installation) created by dillcn
I install hrev51658 64bit image to usb disk, it can not boot on lenovo …

Dec 7, 2017:

9:50 PM Ticket #13838 (BeScreenCapture fps regression (compared to 15 months ago)) created by smallstepforman
I am using BeScreenCapture 2.3.1 to create a developer timeline video, …
6:13 PM Ticket #13837 (setlocale() doesn't work) created by lezsakdomi
setlocale() has a relatively big codebase …
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