Dec 18, 2017:

9:21 PM Ticket #13882 ([BColumnListView] Default Fields scale nicer than customize) created by Janus
I have notice that the default behavior of some fields is much nicer …
8:37 PM Ticket #13880 ([POSIX] Functions: "mlock()" and "munlock()" Need to be Implemented) closed by diver
8:19 PM Ticket #13881 (Restructure MediaPlayer scripting interface) created by owenca
MediaPlayer has some scripting support at the top level (Window 0). …
6:34 PM HardwareInfo/video/NVidia edited by richienyhus
Update codename from GCI 2017 (diff)
2:28 PM Ticket #13880 ([POSIX] Functions: "mlock()" and "munlock()" Need to be Implemented) created by CodeforEvolution
As shown by this issue on haikuports: …
1:54 PM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by emrysnurmi
12:16 AM Ticket #13820 (Curious behaviour with calloc(-1, -1)) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Applied in hrev51689. Thanks!

Dec 17, 2017:

5:03 PM Ticket #12663 (Silence warnings in exr translator to enable use of -Werror) closed by KapiX
fixed: Done in hrev51687 by outsourcing OpenEXR package.

Dec 16, 2017:

9:05 PM i18n/pl_PL/Terminology edited by KapiX
7:12 PM Ticket #13879 (Changelly support button moves away as the user drags the bottom ...) created by WildKeccak
Description: I opened changelly site (https://changelly.com/), and …
7:03 PM Ticket #13878 (The log in button for Pandora plays hard to get with the user. (UX)) created by WildKeccak
Description: In WebPositive, the login button hides until the user …
6:48 PM Ticket #13873 (Why not WebSDR?) closed by waddlesplash
6:47 PM Ticket #13877 (Google Docs crashes pretty reliably) created by WildKeccak
Description: I am able to crash google docs just by going to …
6:18 PM ReportingBugs edited by humdinger
Update. gdb -> Debugger (diff)
6:03 PM Ticket #13868 (Automatic updates aren't fully enabled in nightly builds.) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev51682.
12:54 AM Ticket #13876 (A crash on a WebSDR site.) created by WildKeccak
Appears to be related to the gorgeous waterfall displays. …
12:24 AM Ticket #13875 (Haiku anyboot image corruption when writing to CD?) created by vidrep
hrev51677 x86_64 Download Haiku nightly anyboot image Write image to …

Dec 15, 2017:

10:58 PM Ticket #13874 (Problems with redraw on a logo programming website) created by WildKeccak
Where: http://calormen.com/jslogo/ Description: 1) …
8:38 AM Ticket #13863 (Need more support for online coding / learning environments, generally ...) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: Please make specific reports if you hit problems with a specific website.
6:21 AM Ticket #13873 (Why not WebSDR?) created by WildKeccak
It seems like a good idea to support WebSDR, which acts like a radio …
2:35 AM Ticket #13872 (random fuzz on the right side of a YouTube video) created by WildKeccak
12:20 AM Ticket #13871 (A problem with multiline comments? (Test262 suite)) created by WildKeccak
I was looking through the Test262 tests, and I believe you might have …

Dec 14, 2017:

10:01 PM Ticket #13850 (KeymapSwitcher is not installed in Deskbar) closed by diver
no change required: Thanks for the update. Closing.
7:43 PM Ticket #13870 (Porting RTWN bsd wifi driver) closed by diver
3:21 PM Ticket #13870 (Porting RTWN bsd wifi driver) created by tatoomi
i've got 2 laptops , with the rtl8188ce et le rtl8188ee device . …
4:25 AM Ticket #13869 ([RFC] Additions to libbsd) created by leorize
Functions added: - [http://man.openbsd.org/readpassphrase.3
2:40 AM Ticket #13868 (Automatic updates aren't fully enabled in nightly builds.) created by WildKeccak
Haiku isn't enabled, but HaikuPorts is. ~> pkgman list Haiku …

Dec 13, 2017:

11:20 PM Ticket #13867 (sigaltstack may be broken on Haiku, investigate?) created by calvinb
This is a hypothesis proposed by someone on IRC. Mono is having …
11:19 PM Ticket #13866 (unzip can't set directory attributes) created by Pete
In the latest hrevs (I have hrev51670) when unzip finds a directory in …
6:09 PM Ticket #13865 (Can't mount any BTRFS filesystem) created by przemub
Hi, I'm unable to mount any BTRFS filesystem. I get "General system …
4:19 PM Ticket #13864 (Screen flickers with radeon_hd driver) created by tatoomi
Flickering screen with this driver, even changing the frequency of …
4:26 AM Ticket #13863 (Need more support for online coding / learning environments, generally ...) created by WildKeccak
There isn't any, as far as I can tell.
4:13 AM Ticket #13862 (http://snap.berkeley.edu/run/ happens to crash WebPositive silently ...) created by WildKeccak
It is a visual programming site, kind of like Blockly hrev 51671
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