Dec 22, 2017:

8:29 PM Ticket #13899 (Error writing file attributes when unzipping old BeOS type *.zip files) created by dcatt
I discovered that old BeOS type *.zip files (found on BeShare) invoke …
5:43 PM Ticket #3037 ([Interface Kit] resizing some windows leaves artifacts) reopened by Janus
I can still reproduce the problem in hrev51702 (VirtualBox). …
6:54 AM Ticket #13898 (A probable memory leak on http://buildaudioamps.com/) created by WildKeccak
High memory usage which only goes away when WebPositive exits or is killed.
5:05 AM Ticket #13897 (ReviewMeta, an admittedly oddball site, isn't loading the first time) created by WildKeccak
ReviewMeta doesn't load the way a normal webpage should. After you …
4:54 AM Ticket #13896 (Best Buy isn't loading) created by WildKeccak
https://www.bestbuy.com/ is, I believe, stalling.
4:11 AM Ticket #13895 (WebPositive fails to render text in other places on the Staples ...) created by WildKeccak
I didn't notice this before, but other elements fail to render as well.

Dec 21, 2017:

3:25 PM Ticket #12426 (Haiku repo doesn't show 'custom' title) closed by humdinger
fixed: OK. Marking as "fixed" as the original problem was solved. I don't …
11:05 AM Ticket #13635 (Haiku Downloads Global 404 Not Found) reopened by korli
4:43 AM Ticket #13894 (WebPositive: Improve CookieWindow cookie deletion) created by ohnx56
Fixes Coverity issue CID 1340122. Also resolves two TODO items in …
1:09 AM Ticket #13893 (Old Hey documentation should be moved into the User Guide) created by waddlesplash
At present, there is …
12:50 AM Ticket #13892 (Cortex documentation should be moved into the User Guide) created by waddlesplash
The old documentation exists in the tree at …
12:48 AM Ticket #13891 (NetFS should be documented in the userguide) created by waddlesplash
There is already some documentation on it at …

Dec 20, 2017:

6:51 PM Ticket #13890 (Trac webpage warning on Edge browser) closed by vidrep
5:43 PM Ticket #13588 (certificate for https://dev.haiku-os.org expired) closed by diver
3:16 PM Ticket #12818 (Cache should be emptied when changing locale) closed by humdinger
fixed: Works. Thanks a lot!
2:15 PM Ticket #13588 (certificate for https://dev.haiku-os.org expired) reopened by CodeforEvolution
It seems the certificate has expired again...decided just to reopen …
8:17 AM GoogleCodeInTaskHDS edited by humdinger
Updated link to Lorem-Ipsum.zip (diff)
7:21 AM Ticket #13890 (Trac webpage warning on Edge browser) created by vidrep
This site is not secure This might mean that someone’s trying to fool …
2:21 AM Ticket #13773 (Need to recompile application after every reboot for it to run) closed by waddlesplash
2:20 AM Ticket #12975 (KDL during git pull) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Very interesting.... Thanks for the update!
1:21 AM Ticket #13889 (No video when using intel_extreme driver) created by ThomasWinwood
I have a Compaq Evo D510 SFF on which I was running a build of Haiku …

Dec 19, 2017:

9:54 PM Ticket #13888 (HaikuDepot should Couple Local Repositories with Server Repositories ...) created by apl-haiku
Currently the HaikuDepot desktop application is associating local …
8:24 PM Ticket #13887 (WebPositive fails to render text in a text field on Staples.com) created by WildKeccak
When I try to type in the search field, the cursor moves, but no text …
6:41 PM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by scottmc
Added step 9 as optional (diff)
4:11 PM Ticket #13885 (VLC - no sound .) closed by diver
no change required: Audio output is not implemented in VLC. This issue should be moved …
3:25 PM Ticket #13886 (WEB+ and hosts file ???) created by tatoomi
I'm using a ad blocker (adzhosts) that lists pub sites and returns on …
3:07 PM Ticket #13885 (VLC - no sound .) created by tatoomi
With mp3 or mp4 , no sound , even if i trie to change VLC preferences.
10:47 AM Ticket #13884 (Make magnify controllable by scripting) created by owenca
Scripting properties: * show/hid info and grid * stick/unstick …
2:31 AM Ticket #10420 (3dfx ati neomagic s3 missing in x86_64 builds) closed by waddlesplash
no change required: Indeed; closing as no change required, if someone finds an x64 machine …
2:27 AM Ticket #13861 (KDL: ps2 service) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev51692.
12:18 AM Ticket #13883 (WebPositive / Youtube: Red dot appears above the progress bar when ...) created by WildKeccak
When the mouse pointer is near the progress bar, the little red dot …

Dec 18, 2017:

9:21 PM Ticket #13882 ([BColumnListView] Default Fields scale nicer than customize) created by Janus
I have notice that the default behavior of some fields is much nicer …
8:37 PM Ticket #13880 ([POSIX] Functions: "mlock()" and "munlock()" Need to be Implemented) closed by diver
8:19 PM Ticket #13881 (Restructure MediaPlayer scripting interface) created by owenca
MediaPlayer has some scripting support at the top level (Window 0). …
6:34 PM HardwareInfo/video/NVidia edited by richienyhus
Update codename from GCI 2017 (diff)
2:28 PM Ticket #13880 ([POSIX] Functions: "mlock()" and "munlock()" Need to be Implemented) created by CodeforEvolution
As shown by this issue on haikuports: …
1:54 PM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by emrysnurmi
12:16 AM Ticket #13820 (Curious behaviour with calloc(-1, -1)) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Applied in hrev51689. Thanks!

Dec 17, 2017:

5:03 PM Ticket #12663 (Silence warnings in exr translator to enable use of -Werror) closed by KapiX
fixed: Done in hrev51687 by outsourcing OpenEXR package.
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