Dec 26, 2017:

4:48 PM Ticket #13823 (HaikuDepot pegs 1 CPU when filtering at launch) closed by jua
fixed: Fixed in hrev51710.
1:48 PM Ticket #13909 (due DHCP, custom DNS are overridden (settings not persistent)) created by Giova84
haiku hrev 51706 gcc2h. I set custom DNS in the network preflet (and …
1:38 PM Ticket #13908 (Integrated memory card reader not recognized) created by Giova84
Haiku hrev51706 gcc2h - on Asus Z8100G. This laptop is provided with …
1:28 PM Ticket #13907 (integrated WLAN adapter recognized by listusb but not by Haiku itself) created by Giova84
Haiku hrev51706 gcc2h on old laptop (Asus Z8100G). Here I have an …

Dec 25, 2017:

10:18 PM Ticket #13893 (Old Hey documentation should be moved into the User Guide) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: It seems Humdinger's blog post plus the tutorial from the BeOS Bible …
1:04 PM Ticket #13906 (WebPositive and FFmpeg 3.4 on x86_gcc2) created by Lan72
WebPositive falls when playing video on Youtube and other …

Dec 24, 2017:

4:47 PM Ticket #13905 (MediaPlayer crash while streaming podcast) created by vidrep
MediaPlayer crash while attempting to stream a podcast with …
1:48 PM Ticket #13904 (DHCP doesn't works at all) created by Giova84
Haiku hrev51700 gcc2_h (but this issue was always present, also on …
12:08 PM Ticket #13884 (Make magnify controllable by scripting) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev51704, thanks!
12:08 PM Ticket #13894 (WebPositive: Improve CookieWindow cookie deletion) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Applied in hrev51704, thanks!
3:46 AM Ticket #13903 ([ext4] Tracker issues renaming file or folder on EXT4 partition) created by un_spacyar
Trying to rename a file or a folder over a ext4 partition causes to …
2:46 AM Ticket #13902 (app_server preventing boot on live USB (hrev51702 x86)) created by geminiman112
2:33 AM Ticket #13900 (Terminal does not 'source' .bash_profile (hrev51703)) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: The file is ~/config/settings/bash_profile not ~/.bash_profile.
1:52 AM Ticket #13901 (Unable to play videos on Foxnews.com) created by codewrangler
Steps to reproduce: - Run WebPositive - open foxnews.com - Click on …
1:27 AM Ticket #13900 (Terminal does not 'source' .bash_profile (hrev51703)) created by codewrangler
Terminal does not 'source' .bash_profile (hrev51703). I have (2) …

Dec 23, 2017:

1:11 PM Ticket #13458 (HaikuDepot crashes after launch, during refreshing repositories.) closed by diver
1:10 PM Ticket #13899 (Error writing file attributes when unzipping old BeOS type *.zip files) closed by diver

Dec 22, 2017:

8:29 PM Ticket #13899 (Error writing file attributes when unzipping old BeOS type *.zip files) created by dcatt
I discovered that old BeOS type *.zip files (found on BeShare) invoke …
5:43 PM Ticket #3037 ([Interface Kit] resizing some windows leaves artifacts) reopened by Janus
I can still reproduce the problem in hrev51702 (VirtualBox). …
6:54 AM Ticket #13898 (A probable memory leak on http://buildaudioamps.com/) created by WildKeccak
High memory usage which only goes away when WebPositive exits or is killed.
5:05 AM Ticket #13897 (ReviewMeta, an admittedly oddball site, isn't loading the first time) created by WildKeccak
ReviewMeta doesn't load the way a normal webpage should. After you …
4:54 AM Ticket #13896 (Best Buy isn't loading) created by WildKeccak
https://www.bestbuy.com/ is, I believe, stalling.
4:11 AM Ticket #13895 (WebPositive fails to render text in other places on the Staples ...) created by WildKeccak
I didn't notice this before, but other elements fail to render as well.
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