Jan 16, 2018:

4:06 PM GoogleCodeInTaskArtDesign created by humdinger
4:05 PM GoogleCodeInTaskScreencast created by humdinger
1:48 PM Ticket #13961 (Main window tab drawing glitch) created by mpanasyuk
[[Image(...)]] How to reproduce: 1. Make sure there are at …
6:09 AM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaikuporter edited by humdinger
More details, corrections. Hopefully cuts down work for next GCI (diff)
4:02 AM Ticket #13960 (libgnu: Introduce memmem(3)) created by leorize
This patch add the GNU extension [http://man.openbsd.org/memmem.3

Jan 15, 2018:

3:42 PM Ticket #13958 (Missing email address) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Done.
3:42 PM Ticket #13959 (No email ID in Gerrit Profile) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Done.
2:20 PM Ticket #13959 (No email ID in Gerrit Profile) created by hrily
Can you please link my email id to Gerrit account. email : …
9:45 AM Ticket #13958 (Missing email address) created by leorize
My github user name is: alaviss The email I want to have set: alaviss …

Jan 14, 2018:

2:42 PM Ticket #13954 (Haiku doesn't support C11 uchar.h) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Merged in hrev51761.
10:41 AM Ticket #13957 ([GCI 2017] Fix various "Copy into fixed size buffer" errors reported ...) created by tuankiet65
Gerrit review is at https://review.haiku-os.org/#/c/51/
9:33 AM Ticket #13825 (The 'ctx' pointer was utilized before it was verified against nullptr ...) closed by pulkomandy
8:22 AM Ticket #13934 (Add x-installshield-cab to mime_db) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: I see no point in having this part of the default install. MIME types …
8:18 AM Ticket #13956 (ScreenSaver list does not live update (easy)) created by pulkomandy
* Open screensaver preferences * Open terminal * pkgman install …
6:34 AM Ticket #13955 (Haiku x86_64 won't boot past the grub menu) created by HAL
Cannot boot hrev51727 version anymore. Before that I could boot 51724. …
12:49 AM Ticket #11830 (Provide testing installations for code review tools) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Gerrit is now live.
12:47 AM CodingGuidelines/SubmittingPatches edited by waddlesplash
Gerrit! (diff)

Jan 13, 2018:

11:26 PM WikiStart edited by waddlesplash
1:19 PM GoogleCodeInTaskHDS edited by humdinger
Clear up the formatting of the paragraphs for font screenshots (diff)

Jan 12, 2018:

4:45 PM Ticket #13949 (strtod() should only advance *endptr one byte given "0x") closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Merged patch from Gerrit. Thanks!
4:32 PM Ticket #13941 (Github Haiku repository not synched) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: And now it's synced again.
4:30 PM Ticket #13953 (Boot loader wont load) closed by waddlesplash
duplicate: Duplicate of #13370.
1:33 PM Ticket #13954 (Haiku doesn't support C11 uchar.h) created by leorize
Currently we're lacking [http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cuchar C11 …
11:41 AM Ticket #13953 (Boot loader wont load) created by geosharp
After posting on the forums, it was suggested I open a bug for this. …
11:38 AM Ticket #13952 (Make Icon-O-Matic usable from command line so that it can convert ...) created by owenca
Usage: […] It returns 0 if successful or 1 otherwise.

Jan 11, 2018:

11:25 PM Ticket #13951 (WebPositive crash on Facebook) created by vidrep
hrev51750 x86_64 WebPositive crash when clicking on this link: …
7:12 PM Ticket #13950 (HaikuDepot: Select button greyed out and cannot install packages) created by vidrep
hrev51750 x86_64 Opened HaikuDepot to install a package. However, …
5:23 PM Ticket #13949 (strtod() should only advance *endptr one byte given "0x") created by i80and
[…] On other platforms, this will print 1. On Haiku, it prints …
5:02 AM Ticket #13948 (mandoc hangs upon printing unicode character) created by leorize
A reproducable testcase […] Recipe for mandoc could be found …
12:33 AM Ticket #13939 (Debugger crash) closed by anevilyak
fixed: Fixed in hrev51750.
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