Feb 25, 2018:

9:51 PM Ticket #13999 (Haiku cannot play any module music) created by miqlas
On current ( hrev51801 ) x86_64 Haiku i got troubles with module music …
2:01 PM Ticket #13998 (PANIC: get_boot_partitions_failed! (and SMAP problems)) created by BeNord
I'm a new user to Haiku, and I'm trying to install it natively on my …
12:23 PM Ticket #13997 (SMAP violation - write_overlay) created by KapiX
Encountered when trying to boot in QEMU-KVM from emulated CD.

Feb 23, 2018:

11:22 PM Ticket #13996 (missing mkstemps function in stdlib.h) created by kallisti5
Do we want to implement mkstemps ? It's more of a linux function. …
8:50 PM Ticket #12774 (Computer shuts off restarts sveral times before starting proper boot) closed by waddlesplash
7:10 PM Ticket #13995 (KDL: SMAP violation - usb_hid) created by kallisti5
SMAP violation in the usb_hid driver as of hrev51801
7:08 PM Ticket #13992 (KDL: SMAP violation - virtio) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved and tested. Thanks!
7:07 PM Ticket #13937 (Repositories aren't generated anymore) closed by kallisti5
fixed: should be fixed now. Had to compile and install a bunch of twisted …
4:42 PM Ticket #13994 (Pootle site keeps "calculating content") created by humdinger
After the much appreciated Pootle update, there's a info box with an …
4:39 PM Ticket #13993 (Pootle site: verification URL 404s (but works)) created by humdinger
The URL of the verification email (which Gmail considers spam, …
12:34 PM Ticket #13348 ([Pootle 2.7] Tracking ticket to update to Pootle 2.7) closed by nielx

Feb 22, 2018:

9:16 PM Ticket #13992 (KDL: SMAP violation - virtio) created by kallisti5
Looks like the recently implemented SMAP is resulting in a KDL from …

Feb 21, 2018:

5:48 PM Ticket #13991 (Haiku 64-bit boots once every ten times on i7-8700K) created by KapiX
As in title. It just shows a bootsplash and then immediately reboots. …

Feb 20, 2018:

9:58 PM Ticket #13990 (ALT+D on person file unsets application/x-person) created by thaflo
It's reproducable: create a application/x-person file (p.ex. in …
7:43 AM Ticket #13988 (HDA crashed Media Server) closed by korli
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