Feb 28, 2018:

8:04 PM Ticket #14001 (Links to https://depot.haiku-os.org/ don't work) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: The links come from the HDS atom feed, so please file a bug report …
7:19 PM Ticket #13860 (Improved GUI/behaviour of HaikuDepot) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: The change on Gerrit had +2 from Julian and myself; Humdinger created …
5:40 PM Ticket #14008 (SMAP violation - acpi_button) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in hrev51820. Thanks for the report!
3:24 PM Ticket #14008 (SMAP violation - acpi_button) created by KapiX
Encountered when pressing power button in QEMU-KVM. Screenshot attached.
8:53 AM Ticket #14007 ([HaikuDepot] make statusbar narrower) created by diver
Current statusbar is a bit too tall. It would be nice to be consistent …

Feb 27, 2018:

9:29 AM Ticket #14006 ([Pootle] no email on account activation) created by diver
I tried to do that several times using different browsers but still no …
9:02 AM Ticket #14005 (Migrate Trac to maui.haiku-os.org) created by nielx
Migrate Trac to maui.haiku-os.org. This ticket tracks the steps required.

Feb 26, 2018:

9:29 PM Ticket #11939 (CDRW written in BeOS not readable in Haiku) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible: Closing on vidrep's request.
9:20 PM Ticket #14004 (PANIC: ASSERT FAILED: BlockAllocator.cpp:413: start + length <= ...) created by waddlesplash
See attached screenshot. Occurred when trying to make a BFS filesystem …
9:07 PM Ticket #6010 (Kernel Panic after installation in VirtualBox) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: There are now checks in that file and at higher levels to prevent …
8:57 PM Ticket #14003 (Running readcd with no arguments causes KDL in VMArea::Unwire) created by waddlesplash
See attached screenshot. This is x86_gcc2h, hrev51814.
8:23 PM Ticket #13995 (KDL: SMAP violation - usb_hid) closed by kallisti5
fixed: confirmed resolved
7:40 PM Ticket #14002 (SoftwareUpdater - add additional buttons for restart) created by vidrep
SoftwareUpdater downloads and installs both Haiku core system files …
6:37 PM Ticket #12447 ([pkgman] inform if a package is already installed) closed by korli
fixed: Patch applied in hrev51813
6:00 PM Ticket #13997 (SMAP violation - write_overlay) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed with hrev51812.
5:30 PM Ticket #13965 (Polling /dev/null does not conform to POSIX) closed by korli
fixed: Applied in hrev51811. Thanks!
4:32 PM Ticket #14001 (Links to https://depot.haiku-os.org/ don't work) created by korli
In the "What's New in Haiku development" header of …
3:31 PM Ticket #14000 (Pootle: Downloading catkeys 404s) created by humdinger
Trying to download a catkeys file for offline translation results in a …
11:30 AM Ticket #4588 (Volume info window in Tracker is too small to show capacity, which is ...) closed by Janus

Feb 25, 2018:

9:51 PM Ticket #13999 (Haiku cannot play any module music) created by miqlas
On current ( hrev51801 ) x86_64 Haiku i got troubles with module music …
2:01 PM Ticket #13998 (PANIC: get_boot_partitions_failed! (and SMAP problems)) created by BeNord
I'm a new user to Haiku, and I'm trying to install it natively on my …
12:23 PM Ticket #13997 (SMAP violation - write_overlay) created by KapiX
Encountered when trying to boot in QEMU-KVM from emulated CD.

Feb 23, 2018:

11:22 PM Ticket #13996 (missing mkstemps function in stdlib.h) created by kallisti5
Do we want to implement mkstemps ? It's more of a linux function. …
8:50 PM Ticket #12774 (Computer shuts off restarts sveral times before starting proper boot) closed by waddlesplash
7:10 PM Ticket #13995 (KDL: SMAP violation - usb_hid) created by kallisti5
SMAP violation in the usb_hid driver as of hrev51801
7:08 PM Ticket #13992 (KDL: SMAP violation - virtio) closed by kallisti5
fixed: resolved and tested. Thanks!
7:07 PM Ticket #13937 (Repositories aren't generated anymore) closed by kallisti5
fixed: should be fixed now. Had to compile and install a bunch of twisted …
4:42 PM Ticket #13994 (Pootle site keeps "calculating content") created by humdinger
After the much appreciated Pootle update, there's a info box with an …
4:39 PM Ticket #13993 (Pootle site: verification URL 404s (but works)) created by humdinger
The URL of the verification email (which Gmail considers spam, …
12:34 PM Ticket #13348 ([Pootle 2.7] Tracking ticket to update to Pootle 2.7) closed by nielx
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