Mar 12, 2018:

5:10 PM Ticket #14032 (This error kdl) closed by diver
3:50 PM Ticket #14032 (This error kdl) created by Iosend
This error kdl after delete big files on the ntfs
3:47 PM Ticket #14031 (Updating to hrev51848 renders system unbootable) created by vidrep
Updated both x86_gcc2h and x86_64 from hrev51847 to hrev51848. Neither …

Mar 10, 2018:

8:48 PM Ticket #14018 (Pootle translations not making it to the nightly builds) reopened by T.Knez
I'm sorry to report that translations didn't get updated from Pootle …
3:07 PM Ticket #3811 (System enters "shutdown mode" too early) closed by korli

Mar 9, 2018:

2:33 PM Ticket #14029 ([File Copy Operations] Copied files from RO USB to RW USB are RO ...) reopened by korli
Forgot we need to check if the FAT file-system add-on changes …
2:31 PM Ticket #14029 ([File Copy Operations] Copied files from RO USB to RW USB are RO ...) closed by korli
duplicate: See #10796
1:36 AM Ticket #14030 (radeon_hd driver not working for Radeon HD 7450 card) created by Tyro65
Only safe graphics modes work. The driver falls back to VESA.

Mar 8, 2018:

6:29 PM Ticket #14029 ([File Copy Operations] Copied files from RO USB to RW USB are RO ...) created by al_xv
I copied 10 files from a Read-Only USB HDD to a Read-Write enabled USB …
6:04 PM Ticket #13980 (Building Haiku under Haiku fails) reopened by humdinger
After pulling in the changes of hrev51839 the latter issue is fixed, …
4:17 PM Ticket #13980 (Building Haiku under Haiku fails) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Yep, that is a different issue. Closing this one as fixed, then.
8:13 AM Ticket #14028 (buildbot slave geist-bot4-ubuntu64 is broken for x86_64 build) created by korli
https://buildbot.haiku-os.org/buildslaves/geist-bot4-ubuntu64 on this …
5:54 AM Ticket #14027 ([Network] DHCP configuration problematic) created by al_xv
Current Behavior: Recently installed HREV51808 updated from R1A4. On …

Mar 7, 2018:

8:59 PM Ticket #14026 (Deskbar crash) created by vidrep
hrev51835 x86_64 While closing apps prior to a reboot, the Deskbar …
3:13 PM Ticket #14024 (Chat error start) closed by diver
invalid: Chat app is not part of Haiku. You can open a ticket here …
1:27 PM Ticket #14025 ([HaikuDepot] crash in PackageInfo::Title(PackageInfo)) created by Iosend
I running search after start - on search in HaikuDepot
12:49 PM Ticket #14024 (Chat error start) created by Iosend
After start connection error chat
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