Jun 1, 2018:

9:39 PM Ticket #14177 ([KDL] in vfs_vnode_io, lots of failures writing back pages) created by jessicah
System KDL'd in vfs_vnode_io with GPE. Looks something like: […] …
8:01 AM Ticket #9792 ([Registrar] Crash when signature doesn't match constructor arg) closed by korli
fixed: Closing as per reporter.
5:08 AM Ticket #14176 (Non editable BTextView + LayoutBuilder not good) created by irtusb
this is x86_gcc2 hrev 51983 I made a BTextView and attached to a …

May 30, 2018:

2:40 PM Ticket #14175 (TextSearch becomes unresponsive during search) created by KapiX
As in title. Cancelling a big search is almost impossible. Neither …

May 29, 2018:

11:23 PM Ticket #14174 (WebPositive locks up (CryptoQueue and IconDatabase threads)) created by vidrep
hrev51983 x96_gcc2h HaikuWebKit 1.6.4 WebKit 605.1.17 WebPositive …
8:04 PM Ticket #14173 (buildtools: error creating cross-compiler for x86 on x86_64) created by nielx
I am trying to build a cross-compiler for x86 on a x86_64 machine. I …
7:29 PM Ticket #14172 (No way to do anonymous source checkout.) created by pulkomandy
At the moment both git:// and https:// URLs for getting sourcecode …
5:09 PM Ticket #14171 (Emacs not inheriting PATH properly from calling shell) created by tidux
Emacs is unable to locate the Git binary, which is installed as …
4:39 PM Ticket #14170 (rtl81xx: sync with FreeBSD 11.1) closed by korli
no change required
7:19 AM Ticket #14169 (KDL during copy several files to FAT partition in external hard disk ...) closed by pulkomandy
duplicate: Indeed.
5:09 AM Ticket #14170 (rtl81xx: sync with FreeBSD 11.1) created by cocobean
Sync rtl81xx driver with FreeBSD 11.1. rtl81xx driver currently …

May 28, 2018:

1:21 AM Ticket #14169 (KDL during copy several files to FAT partition in external hard disk ...) created by un_spacyar
When try to copy a lot of files (about 800 mp3 and mp4 files, around 7 …
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