Jun 19, 2018:

8:02 PM Ticket #12300 (DHCP doesn't get an address automatically after ifconfig --delete) closed by vidrep
9:06 AM Ticket #5293 (Some settings in Appearance preflet are ignored) closed by Janus
fixed: I think this is fixed, we can open a specific ticket if we will find …
2:52 AM Ticket #14217 (BJoystick: overwriting vtable pointer by memset) created by waddlesplash
src/kits/device/Joystick.cpp:66: warning: destination for this …
1:51 AM Ticket #14216 (Keymap: warning: variable incremented both in the loop header and in ...) created by waddlesplash
[…] …

Jun 18, 2018:

9:38 PM Ticket #12704 (Download Window only partially on desktop) closed by vidrep
5:54 PM Ticket #14055 (webkit-rebased build fails with error on x86_64) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: x86_64 build has been fixed.
5:44 PM Ticket #12806 (WebPositive appends clipboard mimetype to URLs pasted into Facebook) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: No reply in 16 months, assuming fixed as per comment.
5:40 PM Ticket #10702 (GChat logging me out) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: No reply in 20 months, assuming fixed.
5:31 PM Ticket #14215 (WebPositive crashes navigating back to previous page) created by vidrep
HaikuWebKit 1.6.5 hrev52022 x86_64 Navigation back to the previous …
4:46 PM Ticket #14078 (WebPositive crashes attempting to load YouTube in WTF::StringImpl::create) closed by waddlesplash
4:46 PM Ticket #14178 (Webpositive Crashes from Haiku Home Webpage) closed by waddlesplash
4:39 PM Ticket #12708 (Webpositive crashes when loading MacRumors.com) closed by waddlesplash
3:02 PM Ticket #13951 (WebPositive crash on Facebook) closed by pulkomandy
3:01 PM Ticket #14020 (WebPositive crash on URL) closed by pulkomandy
9:59 AM Ticket #14214 ([HaikuDepot] crashes in BTwoDimensionalLayout::SetInsets) created by diver
hrev52023 x86_64. HaikuDepot crashes when selecting specific packages …

Jun 17, 2018:

4:22 PM Ticket #14213 (No menu shortcut ALT+ESC in Web+) created by humdinger
This is hrev52020, 32bit. Normally, ALT+Esc activates the menu bar. …
4:10 PM Ticket #14212 (WebPositive cannot display password protected directory.) created by bbjimmy
I have a password protected directory on my server. Web+ asks for …
7:58 AM Ticket #14211 (NTFS partition mount error) created by Meghdip
When I try to mount my hardisk which is formatted as NTFS it says …

Jun 16, 2018:

2:44 PM Ticket #12008 (DataTranslations: Drag and drop doesn't work anymore.) closed by Janus
10:12 AM Ticket #14210 (Incorrect order of gradient stops in SVG export) created by joshas
Icon-O-Matic SVG export produces invalid gradients. Citing SVG …
6:37 AM Ticket #4553 (Installer halts after copying only a few files) closed by diver
6:10 AM Ticket #14209 (GoBe crashes when hovering mouse over colour selection) closed by diver

Jun 15, 2018:

10:21 PM Ticket #14209 (GoBe crashes when hovering mouse over colour selection) created by vidrep
hrev52018 x86_gcc2h Open GoBe Word Processing Select Fill Color/Ink …
8:47 PM Ticket #7673 (Haiku KDLs when plugging in external USB hard drive) closed by vidrep
not reproducible
6:50 AM Ticket #13132 (Updating the system may require immediate restart) reopened by pulkomandy
6:41 AM Ticket #14208 (Radeon HD 6520G not supported) created by hailst0rm
Radeon HD 6520G is currently not working for me. This is on the AMD …
3:24 AM Ticket #14207 (FreeBSD 11 ipro1000 driver KDLs (vm_page_fault) under guarded heap) created by waddlesplash
1. Enable guarded heap in kernel_settings.h, rebuild kernel (I also …

Jun 14, 2018:

10:28 PM Ticket #14206 (Update system time after network up) created by vidrep
Fresh install of hrev52014 After first boot, I could not do pkgman …
8:00 PM Ticket #13132 (Updating the system may require immediate restart) closed by waddlesplash
12:49 PM Ticket #5877 (the VIA P4M800 PRO/S3 UniChrome Pro is not supported anymore?) closed by rudolfc
not reproducible: Not testable anymore.
7:03 AM Ticket #9413 ([kernel] PANIC: ASSERT FAILED ...) closed by diver
6:58 AM Ticket #10930 (BNetworkRoster::RemoveInterface() on non-existing interface KDLs) closed by diver
6:56 AM Ticket #12561 (NetAPI unit tests cause a KDL) closed by diver
2:51 AM Ticket #14205 (Haiku not shutting down) created by vidrep
hrev52013 x86_gcc2h Shutdown...->Power off System will begin …
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