Aug 2, 2018:

9:35 AM Ticket #14204 ([COMPAT MODE] Cannot mount NTFS formatted USB stick) closed by korli
fixed: Closing.
9:34 AM Ticket #14190 (KDL: SMAP violation (intel_extreme)) closed by korli
fixed: No feedback.
9:31 AM Ticket #14315 (Commits generate no git tags) created by korli
As of 2 August 2018, the last git tag is hrev52154: …
9:23 AM Ticket #14308 (Cannot redirect stderr using posix_spawn) closed by korli
fixed: Fixed in …
8:17 AM WikiStart edited by axeld

Aug 1, 2018:

5:15 PM Ticket #14314 (Scrolling in a Web+ window swallows lines) created by humdinger
This is hrev52140 If you scroll up/down in a long page in Web+, some …
5:34 AM Ticket #14112 (Full edit broken after migration) reopened by humdinger
Again broken, but this time the message is: […]
5:31 AM Ticket #14099 (Block edit broken after migration) reopened by humdinger
I now again get the same situation as initially reported…

Jul 31, 2018:

9:58 PM Ticket #14300 (Media Kit: Fix -Wtautological-compare) closed by Barrett
fixed: hrev52141. @Waddlesplash could you please avoid closing the gerrit …
8:08 PM Ticket #13284 (ARM image installer) closed by kallisti5
fixed: This issue is mostly solved. We went with a generic haiku_loader.ub …
8:07 PM Ticket #14313 (ARM toolchain broken) created by kallisti5
After the GCC 7 change, our ARM build is broken. […] We are …
2:18 PM Ticket #14312 (getsockname(2) doesn't work if socket isn't connected) created by leorize
According to POSIX, …
9:33 AM Ticket #14311 (utimes(2) does not set the correct microsecond for modification time) created by leorize
Attached below is a program that creates a file and set its …
6:40 AM Ticket #14310 ([Installer] disable Show optional packages) created by diver
Show optional packages is still not implemented yet which could …
6:27 AM Ticket #14309 (BTextControl changes size when disabled) created by jackburton
When disabled, BTextControl changes its size. You can see from the …

Jul 30, 2018:

5:10 PM Ticket #14308 (Cannot redirect stderr using posix_spawn) created by leorize
Run examples with […] Expected: no output, a file named errlog

Jul 29, 2018:

8:16 PM Ticket #14307 (AutoConfigLooper should configure wlan device on network joined ...) created by tqh
Right now DHCP starts while wpa_supplicant is still connecting, …
7:30 PM FutureHaiku/APIChangesOnCompatibilityDrop edited by waddlesplash

Jul 28, 2018:

8:19 AM Ticket #14306 (Wrong drawing mode/or really ugly shadow in Deskbar application path.) created by konrad
I really hate it when a developer comes with a suggestion for a fix, …
7:31 AM Ticket #14305 (Assert in pthread_join) created by miqlas
TBB test reports: ` ../../src/test/harness.h:575, assertion …
6:49 AM Ticket #14304 (Reproducible crash in __tls_get_addr) created by miqlas
The TBB test triggers a crash in tls_get_addr. Platform: Haiku …
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