Sep 4, 2018:

11:21 PM Ticket #13429 (Atheros Wifi support broke) closed by waddlesplash
6:25 PM Ticket #14444 (random_read unlocks mutex from wrong thread) created by pulkomandy
KDL screenshot: http://pulkomandy.tk/drop/DSC_0163.jpg
5:15 PM Ticket #14410 (R1beta1 branch does not get hrev tags on pushes) closed by kallisti5
no change required: we decided that the default git stand-in works fine for now …
4:06 PM Ticket #14440 ([Package Kit] can't create package with Zstd compression) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks! It's working now. LibreOffice package went down form 112MB to …
3:49 PM Ticket #14439 (Gerrit eMail missing) closed by humdinger
fixed: All done. Closing ticket as I assume Nicolas has solved his issue at …
3:47 PM CodingGuidelines/SubmittingPatches edited by humdinger
Update URLs, add haiku-format note, remove advice on patches (not … (diff)
12:54 PM Ticket #14443 (S3 SMAP Violation at boot.) created by kallisti5
SMAP violation in the s3 accelerant. Reported by Robur the forums: …
6:50 AM Ticket #14442 ([SoftwareUpdater] better error handling in case of no network) created by diver
hrev52307. It would be nice if SoftwareUpdater could tell that it …

Sep 3, 2018:

7:20 PM Ticket #14441 ([mail_daemon] high CPU usage (POP3Protocol::SendCommand Bug! Had to ...) created by taos
Haiku 64bit hrev52306. I noticed that after running Haiku for a few …
12:26 PM Ticket #14440 ([Package Kit] can't create package with Zstd compression) created by diver
[…] …
9:33 AM Ticket #14439 (Gerrit eMail missing) created by nzimmermann
Hi, this is my first time trying to submit a patch to Haiku. I got …

Sep 2, 2018:

5:40 PM Ticket #14438 (Debugger (enhancement): show progress bar for debug packages) created by vidrep
When attaching the Debugger for the first time, there is a dialog …
2:36 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by nielx
Add Osnews article (diff)
11:57 AM Ticket #14437 (Cannot open specific SVG icons) created by konrad
Icon-o-matic cannot open SVG icons from https://octicons.github.com. …
11:11 AM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by pulkomandy
10:58 AM R1/Beta1/MergeTracking edited by pulkomandy
10:57 AM R1/Beta1/MergeTracking edited by pulkomandy

Sep 1, 2018:

9:56 PM Ticket #14429 ([poke] PANIC: SMAP violation) closed by diver
fixed: lspci doesn't KDL anymore.
8:13 PM R1/Beta1/MergeTracking edited by waddlesplash
3:34 PM Ticket #14436 (UEFI: Make architecture generic) created by kallisti5
UEFI needs to be reworked to build for non-x86 platforms. Recent …
10:41 AM Ticket #14435 (sudden drop in speed of /dev/net/virtio under VirtualBox (correlated ...) created by taos
VirtualBox: 5.2.18 Host system: archlinux (8 GB RAM, 4 "cores") …
7:29 AM Ticket #14434 (Userguide site fails sending out resetted passwords) created by humdinger
When resetting a password, it should be sent out to the user. Instead …
6:51 AM Ticket #14433 (Brocken link to userguide at https://i18n.haiku-os.org/) created by humdinger
At https://i18n.haiku-os.org/ there's a link at the end "Documentation …

Aug 31, 2018:

11:27 PM ReleaseCookbook edited by waddlesplash

Aug 30, 2018:

10:03 PM Ticket #14432 ([SoftwareUpdater] download order) created by diver
Currently SoftwareUpdater downloads packages in random order which is …
10:00 PM Ticket #14431 ([SoftwareUpdater] show package icons) created by diver
SoftwareUpdater could use package icons from HaikuDepot server or …
8:53 PM Ticket #14430 (GLTeapot crashes when mouse cursor within rendered window area) created by cocobean
GLTeapot demo crashes when mouse cursor detected within rendered …
1:54 PM Ticket #14429 ([poke] PANIC: SMAP violation) created by diver
Installing pciutils form haikuports and running lspci triggeres a KDL …
9:35 AM Ticket #14428 (BPicture: Implement DrawString offsets variant) created by jackburton
When BView::DrawString(const char* string, int32 length, const BPoint* …
5:33 AM GoogleCodeInIdeas2018 edited by pulkomandy
3:49 AM Ticket #14427 (enhancement: SoftwareUpdater: select packages to update) created by ahwayakchih
It would be great, if user could select which packages to update. …
3:42 AM Ticket #14426 (enhancement: SoftwareUpdater showing package sizes to download) created by ahwayakchih
I was thinking that in the "Show more details" mode, there could be …
1:33 AM Ticket #14425 (Enhancement: HaikuDepot statusbar statistics) created by cb88
It would be nice if the status bar acutally shows some additional …
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