Sep 12, 2018:

8:54 PM Ticket #14480 (ColumnListView: horizontal scroolbar doesn't keep into account hidden ...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Patch merged
8:52 PM Ticket #11920 (PANIC: Unexpected exception "General Protection Exception" occurred in ...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Yay!
8:51 PM Ticket #14484 (packages.haiku-os.org seems to be down) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: Yes, it's been deprecated, please see the announcements.
8:44 PM Ticket #14484 (packages.haiku-os.org seems to be down) created by codewrangler
The server at packages.haiku-os.org seems to be down.
3:37 PM Ticket #14482 (KDL - "ScreenBlanker") closed by waddlesplash
3:31 PM Ticket #14483 (MediaPlayer Crash on ALT+V) created by thaflo
Reproducable: Open MediaPlayer (wait until it has the focus) hit ALT+V …
2:00 PM Ticket #14482 (KDL - "ScreenBlanker") created by hor411
9:30 AM Ticket #14481 (Fix FlattenPictureTest DrawStringWithOffset case) created by jackburton
The test case "Draw Strings with offset" in the FlattenPictureTest is …
9:13 AM Ticket #14480 (ColumnListView: horizontal scroolbar doesn't keep into account hidden ...) created by Janus
== Before [[Image(...)]] == After [[Image(...)]]
8:25 AM Ticket #14479 (PANIC: vfs_read_pages() failed: Device timeout!) created by begasus
Building zaz (games-puzzle) on x86_64 ended in KDL. I was able to come …
8:19 AM Ticket #14478 (RTL81xx does not work) closed by humdinger
invalid: Thanks for the note.
7:42 AM Ticket #14478 (RTL81xx does not work) created by hor411
hrev52336 amd64 Fujitsu LifeBook A512 device/id: 0x8168 name: …
6:24 AM Ticket #14477 (general mouse problem) created by Bernd
Hi, I can’t install Haiku to hardware, because USB mouse does not …
2:15 AM Ticket #13106 (Crash in SSH tunnel everyday) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: No debug report; assuming not a problem now.
2:12 AM Ticket #10095 (wpa_supplicant crashes if cancel is pressed) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Seems to be fixed now.
1:41 AM Ticket #13769 (git-push failure following TCP changes) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: This specific git-push succeeded, so I don't have a way to reproduce …
1:37 AM Ticket #6697 (Atheros 9k mac address based login disconnects) closed by waddlesplash
1:37 AM Ticket #11434 (Network related KDL) closed by waddlesplash
1:33 AM Ticket #10437 (endlessly configuring ethernet) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: No reply in 3 years; other issues mentioned in comments are tracked in …
1:17 AM Ticket #14348 (Network preferences window crashes when SSID list gets updated) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Should be fixed with hrev52336.
1:17 AM Ticket #12024 (Preflet crashed while trying to select wifi network) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Should be fixed with hrev52336.

Sep 11, 2018:

10:47 PM Ticket #14476 (Haiku Distribution Guidelines need update) created by vidrep
The Haiku Distribution Guidelines still refer to gcc4. …
9:10 PM Ticket #14475 (Boot from VMWare ESXi: PANIC: did not find any boot partitions!) created by markh
I am trying to boot Haiku from a 32 bit virtual machine on VMWare ESXi …
9:05 PM Ticket #14474 (PANIC: get_boot_partitions_failed!) created by xray72
I have tried to install Haiku 64 with anyboot …
8:42 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
7:18 PM Ticket #14470 ([x86_64] No updates from Haiku repo) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed now.
7:15 PM Ticket #14473 (Tracker hangs if open location is scanned with checkfs) created by KapiX
If I scan the partition with checkfs and try to navigate in Tracker on …
6:43 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
6:40 PM Ticket #14377 (BUrl unit tests fail) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Last fixes merged in hrev52332. Thanks, apl!
1:12 PM Ticket #14472 (NFS 4: mount submounts automatically) created by dpirate
When a directory that is exported with NFS 4 from Linux has one or …
9:14 AM Ticket #14471 (DriveSetup BFS query tooltip is too long) created by ahwayakchih
When formatting partition to BFS, "Enable query support" tooltip may …
8:18 AM Ticket #14470 ([x86_64] No updates from Haiku repo) created by ahwayakchih
I have updated repos to: […] Still, when i was on hrev52316, no …
5:34 AM Ticket #13075 (confusing error from pkgman when network not connected) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52330.
2:31 AM Ticket #12565 (HEVC/H.265 file extensions not recognized) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52329.

Sep 10, 2018:

4:59 PM Ticket #14469 (No way to set Folder text/link color) created by isius
Folder text/link color seemingly unable to be changed from black. Does …
4:26 PM Ticket #14468 (AboutSystem Time running string width changes layout) created by isius
AboutSystem "Time Running:" field length changes causes panel layout …
1:39 PM Ticket #14467 ([MidiPlayer] crashes in MidiPlayerWindow::StopHook()) created by diver
hrev52316 x86_64. MidiPlayer crashes after clicking stop button.
12:42 PM Ticket #14466 (KDL while unmounting BFS image) created by ahwayakchih
I'm using BFS files for storing code and apps (for easy moving them …
12:21 AM Ticket #14465 (Print preview driver not visible in Twitcher) created by irtusb
Steps 1. add a new printer with driver Preview 1. print a test page …

Sep 9, 2018:

10:48 PM Ticket #14464 (Replicant resize) created by irtusb
How can someone resize a replicant? I've tried left and right clicks …
8:29 PM Ticket #14463 (Support for high-DPI displays) closed by waddlesplash
7:53 PM Ticket #14463 (Support for high-DPI displays) created by vmlinuz
These days, mere HD is often not enough. Monitors are getting higher …
6:10 PM Ticket #14462 (Network preferences freeze when switching from DHCP to static) created by MatejHorvat
On hrev52295 (and since at least December 2017), switching from DHCP …
5:03 PM Ticket #14461 (Update Project History page) created by vmlinuz
https://www.haiku-os.org/about/history should really be looked at. I …
12:15 AM Ticket #14446 (Review current/past contributors in AboutSystem) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52323.

Sep 8, 2018:

11:07 PM Ticket #14457 (Deskbar crash after "CTRL+`" (switch app window)) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52321.
6:10 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
5:56 PM Ticket #14443 (S3 SMAP Violation at boot.) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Confirmed fixed and cherry-picked.
5:55 PM Ticket #14450 ([x86_64] hrev52309 - Terminal/shell missing libiconv) closed by waddlesplash
5:55 PM Ticket #14449 ([x86_64] hrev52309 does not boot) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Eh, not really.
5:42 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
reformat (diff)
6:11 AM i18n/R1Beta1Status edited by nielx
Update status on 08 September 2018 (diff)

Sep 7, 2018:

9:23 PM Ticket #14409 (kdl while updating, panic inode already exists) closed by waddlesplash
9:06 PM Ticket #14309 (BTextControl changes size when disabled) closed by waddlesplash
8:55 PM Ticket #14452 (Mesa 18.x mesa_swpipe driver inop after build) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: This is a HaikuPorts issue.
8:27 PM Ticket #14460 (Failure to load XHCI results in kernel panic) created by kallisti5
[…] Failure to load the XHCI busses (in Start()) results in a …
9:35 AM Ticket #14459 (Haiku/Webpositive clipboard problem) created by mazbrili
copy paste problem on second attempt... how to test: open first file …
7:17 AM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by pulkomandy
12:03 AM Ticket #14458 (BWindow::Zoom gives inconsistent results) created by jalopeura
When the bounds defined by (SetZoomLimits) is smaller than the …
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