Sep 23, 2018:

9:13 PM Ticket #14515 ([WebKit] Local storage location wrong) created by KapiX
7:27 PM Ticket #8454 (Very low network performance on some Marvell Yukon cards.) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: I found another machine with that chip, and it seems to be working all …
7:09 PM Ticket #14514 (install-wifi-firmwares.sh is not user friendly) created by pulkomandy
We have this script for creating a package with the wifi firmwares we …
6:04 PM FutureHaiku/Security created by waddlesplash
10:41 AM Ticket #14513 ([HaikuDepot] is extremely slow at populating the package list) created by diver
hrev52295+70+dirty. Switched to beta1 for testing purposes using: …
9:11 AM Ticket #14512 ([kernel] KDL building perl5 with latest haikuporter) created by adamfowleruk
Not sure if this is a porter or Haiku issue, so reporting in both …
6:23 AM Ticket #14509 ([HaikuDepot] Highlighting multiple packages installs only one package) closed by humdinger
duplicate: Thanks for the note!
12:06 AM Ticket #14511 (Installer allow ignoring folders from source) created by cb88
When isntalling to USB it would be handy to be able to set folders to …

Sep 22, 2018:

11:39 PM Ticket #14510 (Screen rotation support) created by cb88
I have a z-8700 handheld that uses a tablet screen which is rotated 90 …
10:47 PM Ticket #14509 ([HaikuDepot] Highlighting multiple packages installs only one package) created by adamfowleruk
searched for cmake. Clicked on cmake, shift clicked on …
10:29 PM GoogleCodeInTaskInstallHaiku edited by scottmc
Update to refer to Haiku R1B1 release and make step 9 required this year (diff)
3:49 PM Ticket #14508 (Blue light reduction / Night mode enahancement) created by cb88
As far as I know Haiku doesn't currently have a way to globally adjust …

Sep 21, 2018:

4:40 AM Ticket #14507 (Implement a way to pause programs) created by miqlas
Lets suppose you started a render job on Haiku and it eats all your …

Sep 20, 2018:

8:33 PM Ticket #14506 (XHCI: faulty event ring handling?) created by smallstepforman
I've finally found a method to 100% reproduce the XHCI KDL on my box …
7:03 PM Ticket #14505 (General network problems on Thinkpad T420) created by smashIt
I've had these problems since I installed Haiku on my Thinkpad T420. …
1:46 PM Ticket #14504 (Mouse and/or keyboard freeze while copying large amount of files) created by FabianR-FaBE
While copying a large amount of files (550+) something goes wrong: …
12:22 PM Ticket #14503 (Deskbar tray area height should depend on font size) created by ksiazkowicz
When font size is > 12, time indicator gets cut off. Height and …
11:50 AM Ticket #14502 ("Haiku" button on Deskbar cut off with larger font sizes) created by ksiazkowicz
It looks like the icon itself scales, but the button has a fixed …

Sep 19, 2018:

9:13 PM Ticket #14501 (USB Mouse and keyboard stop working) closed by waddlesplash
6:07 PM Ticket #14476 (Haiku Distribution Guidelines need update) closed by humdinger
fixed: Fixed.
2:54 PM Ticket #14501 (USB Mouse and keyboard stop working) created by aciez
This happens in hrev52356, hrev52351 64bit builds and the R1 Beta …

Sep 18, 2018:

11:26 PM Ticket #14500 (rtl8188ce not showing in network preferences) created by Anarchos
This card shows up in the /dev tree but not in the network menu from …
7:33 PM R1/Beta1/Timeline edited by waddlesplash
9:28 AM Ticket #14499 ([Pootle] is very slow to load) created by diver
Ever since the update to Pootle some months ago using it became a …
6:01 AM Ticket #14498 (KDL) created by thaflo
I am not sure what I did to provocate this trip to KDL
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