Nov 21, 2018:

8:18 PM Ticket #14714 (DOSBox make the kernel panic (32-bit)) closed by waddlesplash
8:17 PM Ticket #14714 (DOSBox make the kernel panic (32-bit)) reopened by waddlesplash
8:17 PM Ticket #14714 (DOSBox make the kernel panic (32-bit)) closed by waddlesplash
7:11 PM Ticket #14714 (DOSBox make the kernel panic (32-bit)) created by anttv
Attempt to launch anything executable in DOSBox (installed from …
6:59 PM Ticket #14713 (WebPositive - Show bookmark bar fails to make the bookmark bar reappear) created by dcatt
See the attached screencast for more details! Version 1.1-alpha
1:31 PM Ticket #14712 (userland tries to clone random (?) kernel areas) created by ttcoder
[…] - Just had another continuable "attempting to clone kernel …
7:47 AM Ticket #14701 (Kernel panic booting from USB on MSI laptop) reopened by dsizzle
I still get exactly the same panic/trace with the hrev52557 nightly build.

Nov 20, 2018:

11:31 PM Ticket #14711 ([kernel] crashes by running Settlers game in DOSBox) created by diver
hrev52547, 32bit Haiku To reproduce: […] [[Image(...)]]
8:49 PM R1/Beta1/ReleaseAddendum edited by kallisti5
8:48 PM R1/Beta1/ReleaseAddendum edited by kallisti5
add notes about virtio (diff)
4:37 PM Ticket #14710 (Pulling mail via IMAP loops with "Error during parsing: Unexpected end ...) created by humdinger
This is hrev52547, 32bit. I'm pulling all my mail from GMail via …
3:40 PM Ticket #14709 (Update Web Positive User Agent?) closed by kallisti5
3:26 PM Ticket #14709 (Update Web Positive User Agent?) created by kallisti5
I currently see the WebPositive user agent as: "Mozilla/5.0 …
1:48 PM Ticket #14708 ([ProcessController] grow icons with font size) created by diver
Just like it was done for Tracker in hrev52496.
11:56 AM Ticket #14707 (Minimize all on Opt+double-click a window title bar.) created by diver
Browsing through be.com website I stumbled upon a hidden feature added …
11:14 AM Ticket #14706 (Set HTML file icon to Welcome and User Guide files) created by diver
3:29 AM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
12:30 AM Ticket #14705 (collectcatkeys is wrongly collecting strings from src/preferences/time) created by nielx
This was reported though Pootle. The catkeys for src/preferences/time …

Nov 19, 2018:

9:17 PM Ticket #14704 (Razer Taipan Mouse not working) created by djbase
I have a Razer Taipan mouse connected to my laptop but it is not working

Nov 18, 2018:

7:38 PM Ticket #13667 (netfs is missing for x86_64) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52556.
10:42 AM Ticket #14702 (Regression: Desktop is not shown any more in hp L1520) created by Karvjorm
2-3 days ago I updated my haiku-os system with the "pkgman update" …
10:03 AM Ticket #14503 (Deskbar tray area height should depend on font size) closed by luroh
9:44 AM Ticket #4971 (Flexible Deskbar width) closed by humdinger
fixed: Yes. Thanks for checking. :) It even works with …
12:32 AM Ticket #11757 (regression: emails are only partially downloaded, fetching bodies ...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Hooray! Thanks for testing.
12:32 AM Ticket #7287 (Empty window when browsing thru partial mails) closed by waddlesplash
12:10 AM Ticket #3247 (KDL in jam in put_cached_block) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible

Nov 17, 2018:

11:31 PM Ticket #12078 (Cross-compiling for PPC fails) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: The ppc build gets much farther now; all the way to the same errors it …
11:28 PM Ticket #12617 (Merge all instances of BSD headers into one place (WIP/Help requested)) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: As korli noted above, mass-moving the freebsd_network headers to make …
11:23 PM Ticket #10815 (Haiku x86_64 cannot build itself) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Yes, then this ticket should be closed. We should probably continue …
11:15 PM Ticket #14058 (DEBUG builds need fixed for all architectures) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Debug builds are now working properly.
10:46 PM Ticket #3483 (dev.haiku-os.org/robots.txt gone missing) reopened by luroh
9:55 PM Ticket #13342 (Forum: Inconsistant Bookmarks link behavior) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: This is really an issue with Discourse and so should be reported upstream.
9:51 PM Ticket #5701 (Implement a file system for IMAP) closed by waddlesplash
no change required: After various discussions / investigations over the years, it seems …
7:07 PM Ticket #14701 (Kernel panic booting from USB on MSI laptop) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52544.
6:58 PM Ticket #14701 (Kernel panic booting from USB on MSI laptop) created by dsizzle
See attached; looks like maybe it's related to the wifi driver? …
4:02 PM Ticket #14700 (Kernel crash when booting from B1 DVD) created by andrewz
Booting from an install DVD of B1 X86-64 causes a kernel crash on …
1:16 PM Ticket #6030 (Most desktop icons disappeared, desktop not accessible from home, ...) closed by luroh
fixed: hrev52539, gcc2. Unable to repeat, hopefully fixed in the meantime.
11:52 AM Ticket #11774 (Investigate the potential of a web app store for HaikuDepot) closed by luroh
no change required: A lot of development and maintenance efforts later, the stores …
10:39 AM Ticket #4629 (request: meta-search tool for the various mailing lists) closed by luroh
no change required: Gmane has been defunct for a couple of years now. Not much going on in …
7:15 AM Ticket #13272 (Blogs: Link to comments vanished) closed by humdinger
fixed: Seems fixed. Thanks for checking the ticket!

Nov 16, 2018:

9:02 PM Ticket #7274 (vCard in Person file) closed by luroh
6:23 PM Ticket #14299 (broken link to Human Interface Guidelines) closed by luroh
fixed: The two pages mentioned have been updated.
5:50 PM Ticket #11441 (Replace Defunct socal bookmarking tools on Drupal website.) closed by luroh
no change required
5:19 PM Ticket #13395 (Problems to send attachments & createing ticket about that) closed by luroh
no change required: Workaround provided in comment 7, closing.
4:53 PM Ticket #14172 (No way to do anonymous source checkout.) closed by luroh
4:31 PM Ticket #13635 (Haiku Downloads Global 404 Not Found) closed by luroh
fixed: Download links seem to be working now.
4:20 PM Ticket #14699 (Jam segfault - hashitem) created by kallisti5
I see this while running a build using the custom python configure.py …
4:10 PM Ticket #11824 (Integrate an IP blacklist filter into firewall on baron) closed by kallisti5
fixed: Our infrastructure has changed quite a bit since this was opened. All …
3:56 PM Ticket #14358 (Update Gerrit to 2.15.2 or .3) closed by luroh
2:40 PM Ticket #9829 (haiku-r1alpha4 images available through my BitTorrent tracker) closed by luroh
no change required
2:38 PM Ticket #11829 (Form an opinion if/which services running on baron directly should ...) closed by kallisti5
fixed: This is no longer relevant. All services run isolated within …
2:16 PM Ticket #14697 (Codycam webcam bug) closed by diver
duplicate: Indeed.
2:11 PM Ticket #14623 ([Battery Status] Haiku hangs on starting Akku-Info) reopened by diver
Bah, misread your comment. Sorry.
8:29 AM Ticket #14698 (Otter Browser does not Show Window when Run) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: Please report this at http://github.com/haikuports/haikuports
8:06 AM Ticket #14689 (Unbootable system after update) closed by diver
no change required
2:17 AM Ticket #14698 (Otter Browser does not Show Window when Run) created by HAL
I Installed Otter from Haiku Depot. Running it does not show any …
1:26 AM Ticket #4816 (Opening large mails unacceptably slow) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev52533.
1:14 AM Ticket #12358 ([Mail] team in Deskbar shows an empty window when ComboBox is used) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Doesn't happen anymore, and was likely an Interface Kit bug.
1:07 AM Ticket #6855 ([Mail] prints "Couldn't open settings file ...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Doesn't anymore.
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