Nov 29, 2018:

10:29 AM Ticket #14729 (Ideas for hOS) closed by pulkomandy
invalid: I'm sorry but I don't understand your work at all. There does not seem …
9:29 AM Ticket #14730 (towlower() and towupper() should check the character range when ...) created by korli
tolower and toupper are only valid for unsigned char types. see …
7:53 AM Ticket #14729 (Ideas for hOS) created by unidef
this is for a hungry memory mode, but very large binary trees with …

Nov 28, 2018:

10:16 PM Ticket #14728 (http://www.haiku-inc.org/ has no https) created by cucujoidea
www.haiku-inc.org has no https. In my browser, a warning is shown.

Nov 27, 2018:

10:10 PM Ticket #3982 (prevent non-x86 platforms from building vmware images.) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: VMware is actually going to be available for ARM, so this restriction …
5:48 PM Ticket #14727 ([HDS] no updates for new packages) created by diver
There are no updates for new packages …
12:21 PM Ticket #14726 (KDL: SMAP violation (sshfs_fuse)) created by diver
hrev52597. To reproduce: […] In another console: […] Double …
10:20 AM Ticket #14725 ([HaikuDepot] Screenshot window gets in the way) created by diver
hrev52597. I noticed that once screenshot window is closed (after …
8:20 AM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by korli
3:56 AM Ticket #14724 (IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED & IN6_IS_ADDR_V4COMPAT false positives) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: And now merged. Thanks!

Nov 26, 2018:

9:06 PM Ticket #14724 (IN6_IS_ADDR_V4MAPPED & IN6_IS_ADDR_V4COMPAT false positives) created by nathan
The first 10 bytes of the address should be zero. The 8th byte of the …
5:26 PM Ticket #14723 (Implement high security boot option) created by kallisti5
A configurable boot option to enable "high security" might be neat. …
2:37 AM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash

Nov 25, 2018:

8:15 PM Ticket #11415 (Investigate the Trac-Buildbot intergration plugin) closed by waddlesplash
no change required: The timeline events are the only thing that's of any use, and it still …
7:49 AM Ticket #14720 (Haiku Boot Loader shows wrong boot volume name) closed by diver
2:41 AM Ticket #14722 (media_client cannot play short .wav files.) created by bbjimmy
Media_client was added to replace the other commanf-line apps for …
1:02 AM Ticket #14719 (System freezes on shutdown, but reboot works fine.) closed by waddlesplash
12:32 AM Ticket #14721 (ralinkwifi driver issue) created by bullfrog
HP Pavilion G6 running R1/Beta1 x86_64, latest system update. …
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