Dec 10, 2018:

11:16 PM Ticket #14750 (WebKit rebased crash on Yahoo News) created by vidrep
Crash on Yahoo News using latest WebKit rebased source. HaikuWebKit …
8:30 AM Ticket #14749 (Building PHP fails in microtime.c) closed by pulkomandy
duplicate: Then PHP needs to be adjusted to use something else on Haiku …
8:29 AM Ticket #7556 (completed struct rusage definition) closed by pulkomandy
7:19 AM Ticket #14314 (Scrolling in a Web+ window swallows lines) closed by humdinger
fixed: Not sure when it was fixed, but it's not here anymore (hrev52632, …

Dec 9, 2018:

6:58 PM R1/Beta1/InThePress edited by waddlesplash
3:02 PM Ticket #14749 (Building PHP fails in microtime.c) created by bullfrog
I'd normally post this in haikuports, but my reasearch shows this may …

Dec 8, 2018:

7:12 PM Ticket #14748 (HaikuDepot - Register - Email Address Rejected) created by JohnGoold
When attempting to register for HaikuDepot, the registration is …
4:22 PM Ticket #14747 (Mail: Selection quoting broken) created by humdinger
This is hrev52597, 32bit. A simple "Reply" to an email works as …

Dec 7, 2018:

3:38 PM Ticket #14746 (Mail pegs a core in FindURL) created by humdinger
This is hrev52597, 32bit. The attached email hangs Mail in the …

Dec 5, 2018:

10:05 PM Ticket #14745 (Deskbar non-functional, red network indicator, and apps launch but ...) created by vidrep
After updating to hrev52625 x86_64, the Deskbar fails to work when …
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