Jan 21, 2019:

7:26 PM Ticket #9430 (media preference looks strange for HDA) closed by waddlesplash
duplicate: Seems there is a more general case of this in #11592.
5:06 PM Ticket #14844 (serial console for EHCI debug port) created by pulkomandy
I discovered that EHCI has support for a "debug port". It's a …
3:58 PM Ticket #11419 (makefile_engine's install function fails on paths with blanks) reopened by humdinger
The fix resulted in filenames with spaces to appear 'escaped': , e.g. …
3:18 PM Ticket #9856 (DriveSetup allows "formatting" an extended-partition / wastes the ...) closed by diver
fixed: Indeed :)
12:36 PM Ticket #14843 (add-ons/print lpstyl resource file missing) created by rrobgill
Lpstyl.rdef is missing from src/add-ons/print/drivers/lpstyl

Jan 20, 2019:

3:05 PM Ticket #14826 (Some catalogs appear 'uneditable' at Pootle) closed by nielx
fixed: These are available again, same as #13994
3:04 PM Ticket #13994 (Pootle site keeps "calculating content") closed by nielx
fixed: Fixed. Turns out the container had to be restarted to start a worker …

Jan 19, 2019:

6:33 PM Ticket #4932 (nice() is not implemented) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Implemented in hrev52776.
6:33 PM Ticket #2817 (setpriority and getpriority are missing to compile ocaml out of the ...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Implemented in hrev52776.

Jan 18, 2019:

10:00 PM Ticket #14842 (Error building bootstraping libicuio while cross-compiling ARM on ...) created by pemdp
== Problem I am unable to set up a cross-compiling environment for the …
4:07 PM Ticket #11519 ([HaikuDepot] displays only the first copyright line) closed by diver
fixed: Indeed.
3:47 PM Ticket #14632 (Fail to edit comment/rating) closed by humdinger
fixed: Commenting/rating seems to work if the repo URLs are correct. Closing …
3:44 PM Ticket #11563 (HaikuDepot should have an advanced tab while opening package files directly) closed by humdinger
3:43 PM Ticket #12346 ([HaikuDepot] show requires/provides packages) closed by humdinger
8:51 AM Ticket #14841 (Make QuickLaunch part of Haiku) created by diver
Several devs suggested making QuickLaunch an official app. Personally, …
3:24 AM Ticket #14840 (HaikuDepot doesn't autorefresh repos on first Launch.) created by kallisti5
When launching HaikuDepot on a freshly installed Haiku system, the …
1:25 AM Ticket #11012 (jam -j fails) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: kallisti5 ran a bunch of tests with -j16 and none of them failed with …

Jan 17, 2019:

11:43 PM Ticket #14839 (DriveSetup doesn't modify GPT UUID Partition code when formating Haiku ...) created by smallstepforman
Using DriveSetup, when formating an existing partition as a BeFS …
5:05 PM Ticket #14838 (HTML5Test: Web Audio API test failed) created by cocobean
WebPositive fails HTML5Test Web Audio API test. Ref: …
3:06 PM Ticket #14837 (Check BKeyStore passwords on haveibeenpwned.com) created by kallisti5
haveibeenpwned.com now offers a service which accepts an anonymized …
7:57 AM Ticket #10933 (update Hosts location on online references) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Thanks, sounds good enough :)

Jan 16, 2019:

8:36 PM Ticket #14836 (Boot install USB error) closed by waddlesplash
duplicate: The image contains no helpful info, and this is just a duplicate of …
8:34 PM Ticket #14836 (Boot install USB error) created by BeRUS
52761 i lock in boot xhci driver
7:12 PM Ticket #14835 (libusb syscall stalls when EHCI errors) created by pulkomandy
https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues/1345 […] Error …
6:23 PM Ticket #5940 (Header file for the USB video driver (easy)) reopened by pulkomandy
6:23 PM Ticket #5940 (Header file for the USB video driver (easy)) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: I did not notice about this ticket back then and implemented …
6:12 PM Ticket #9827 (BeIDE cause KDL) closed by pulkomandy
6:10 PM Ticket #8530 (USB bus manager does not support unaligned read/writes) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Not reproductible anymore.
4:16 PM Ticket #14298 ([8086:3165] Intel iwm driver not loading for idualwifi7260) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in …
12:37 PM Ticket #14834 (Compiling: HAIKU_REVISION in UserBuildConfig is disregarded by jam) created by rrobgill
The HAIKU_REVISION= workaround in UserBuildConfig for source trees …
12:17 PM Ticket #9353 (Display Bug on Asus 901 on boot) closed by diver
fixed: Thanks for the update, assuming fixed.
11:22 AM Ticket #14833 ([Network settings] Indicate if DNS-server is static or dynamic) created by NullAndVoid
Indicate wheter a DNS-server is manually added (static) or added by …
11:19 AM Ticket #14832 ([Network settings] DHCP/Static DNS-server priority) created by NullAndVoid
It is always useful if DNS-server priority can be set between static …
11:00 AM Ticket #14831 (Optimize packagefs memory usage) created by s40in
Haiku Beta1 consumes 262MB When booted in unpacked version Beta1 …
8:06 AM Ticket #14661 ('Shredder' identification in WiFi devices list isn't really ideal) closed by pulkomandy
fixed: Yes, it's now easy to change the hostname in network preferences.
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