Mar 20, 2019:

7:15 PM Ticket #14971 (USB Ethernet adapter doesn't work anymore) created by fotisk
Device: TP-Link UE300 (USB 3.0 to Gigabit). Doesn't work anymore in …
5:16 PM Ticket #14970 (No alternative preferred apps for HTTP/HTTPS URL mime type) created by humdinger
This is hrev52301, 32bit. In the FileTypes preferences there's only …
6:38 AM Ticket #14969 (SMAP violation rev53000 64 bit) created by kim1963
SMAP violation rev53000 64 bit Using SMB Network on desktop.

Mar 19, 2019:

8:05 PM MediaKitImprovements edited by pulkomandy
8:05 PM MediaKitImprovements created by pulkomandy
1:46 AM Ticket #14959 (USB Ethernet adapter causing KDL) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Another user reported on the forums that the KDL with USB-ECM devices …

Mar 18, 2019:

11:14 PM Ticket #14968 (XHCI: AllocateDevice() failed to enable slot) created by oco
This USB key works fine on other computers (USB2). The interesting …
7:07 PM Ticket #11607 (wifi joins but can't DHCP) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: No reply in 2 months, and probably fixed after WiFi changes or hrev53000.
7:06 PM Ticket #14014 ([Network] preflet crashes on initial use.) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: No reply.
7:04 PM Ticket #14307 (AutoConfigLooper should configure wlan device on network joined ...) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Indeed, I can't reproduce this, and remaining DHCP issues are probably …
7:03 PM Ticket #13904 (DHCP doesn't works at all) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: No reply; and remaining issues likely fixed after hrev53000. Closing.
6:54 PM Ticket #11938 (Network Preferences: Disable/Enable Ethernet Device Not Working) closed by waddlesplash
duplicate: The "Gateway" field is clearly unset in the first screenshot, so this …
6:02 PM Ticket #14967 (Add EFI platform support to makebootable) created by kallisti5
makebootable needs EFI platform support added. Since we can build …
12:13 PM Ticket #14966 (SMAP violation: scsi_periph periph_ioctl) created by vanitarium
When drive is connected and I give command cdrecord -scanbus the KDL …

Mar 17, 2019:

8:51 PM Ticket #14965 (Terminal doesn't change the shown path after unmount) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: If "pwd" shows the old path, that means this is a bash "bug", not a …
11:34 AM Ticket #14965 (Terminal doesn't change the shown path after unmount) created by leemon
After unmounting an image in which the terminal is the terminal change …
10:52 AM Ticket #14964 (kdl: last transaction still open) created by ttcoder
Occurs for dsuden, see below for bt. Not sure whether to file under …

Mar 16, 2019:

8:02 AM Ticket #14962 ([haku-os.org] Building Haiku on Ubuntu Linux guide seems broken) closed by humdinger
fixed: As it's markdown formatted, it's fixed by renaming the .html to .md. …
7:24 AM Ticket #14963 ([Build System] error: 'strcmp' was not declared in this scope (on macos)) created by diver
macOS Mojave 10.14.2 * create an image with DiskUtil and format it …
7:23 AM Ticket #14962 ([haku-os.org] Building Haiku on Ubuntu Linux guide seems broken) created by diver
1:59 AM Ticket #14927 (HaikuDepot doesn't show any packages) closed by KapiX
no change required: Yes, url for both repos was empty. Readding them fixed it. Thanks.

Mar 15, 2019:

7:27 PM Ticket #14961 (Audit all syscalls for permissions and access checks) created by waddlesplash
Here's a full list of source files containing syscall implementations: …
7:21 PM Ticket #2053 (returning B_SKIP_MESSAGE in my filter let capslocks get through anyway) closed by leavengood
no change required: Since it looks like my old suggestion works in Pete's code I am going …
3:40 PM Ticket #14960 (Crash in "w:offscreen", BPrivate::threadHeap::malloc(uint32)) created by humdinger
This is hrev52990, 32bit. An unprovoked app_server crash (full debug …
1:25 AM Ticket #14959 (USB Ethernet adapter causing KDL) created by mrentropy
Device: Insignia USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter Model No: …
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