Jul 5, 2019:

6:39 PM Ticket #10698 (There should be the possibility of a x86_64 + x86_gcc2 hybrid) closed by diver
6:28 PM Ticket #12529 (when apps crash, link to bug in trac if already filed.. or file new bug) closed by diver
6:25 PM Ticket #10163 (Haiku devours RAM on old computer) closed by diver
12:00 AM Ticket #15141 (Haiku hangs while booting off usb disk) created by BeRUS
hrev53233 x86_64. Booting from usb fails with this error: …

Jul 4, 2019:

9:01 PM Ticket #546 (Unimplemented copy constructors, assignment operators) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed in hrev53233.
8:18 PM Ticket #15140 (DVD disk is not accessible) created by diver
hrev53215 x86_64 running off usb on HP Pavilion g6. Disk doesn't …
8:13 PM Ticket #7606 (MediaPlayer always on top bug.) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: I don't think it would make sense to, anyway.
8:12 PM Ticket #8394 (Add additinal FileTypes) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: DjVu and XPS were added. The others are uncommon enough that …
7:56 PM Ticket #8285 (No keyboard & mouse in Hyper-V Haiku VM) closed by waddlesplash
7:54 PM Ticket #8113 (Mini 10v keyboard and touchpad don't respond after a reboot) closed by waddlesplash
7:51 PM Ticket #7248 (error in thread use accounting?) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Thread limits are now enforced, so this should be fixed.
7:35 PM Ticket #6890 ([intel] can't find boot volume after r38970 (regression)) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: No reply.
7:34 PM Ticket #5779 (page fault after connecting USB mouse at Live-CD screen) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: No reply, closing.
7:33 PM Ticket #6637 (QEMU triggers a segment violation in BPrivate::superblock::superblock()) closed by waddlesplash
no change required: We no longer use hoard2, so, this is no longer relevant.
7:31 PM Ticket #6611 (Haiku won't install on Asus Eee PC 1005P) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible
7:21 PM Ticket #4350 (App server heap corruption-related crashes) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible
7:20 PM Ticket #3181 (firefox always crash on system shutdown/restart) closed by waddlesplash
invalid: Well, then this appears to be a BeZilla bug then, not a Haiku bug.
7:18 PM Ticket #2470 (DriveSetup error preparing disk) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible: Appears nobody has seem this in quite a long time; closing.
7:17 PM Ticket #2900 (panic: double fault, always thread 4 kernel_daemon) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible: Indeed I think this is really not so reproducible anymore.
6:58 PM Ticket #14910 (Add libdvdnav, libdvdread, libdvdcss and libbluray to buildsystem deps) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: This was done a while ago.
6:55 PM Ticket #15139 (KDL while was inactive) closed by diver
duplicate: Dupe of #15104.
6:40 PM Ticket #15139 (KDL while was inactive) created by cmkat
I did open Otter web browser and let alone the lapto for a 20 minutes, …
6:53 AM Ticket #15138 (Via VE900 board boots only x86 not x86_64) created by TmTFx
Via VE900 board boots only haiku x86_gcc2 isos not x86_64, but the …
12:51 AM Ticket #15137 (XHCI: Event Data changes broke the boot on Intel x5-E8000) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Fixed by reverting the offending commit in hrev53231.

Jul 3, 2019:

8:50 PM Ticket #15137 (XHCI: Event Data changes broke the boot on Intel x5-E8000) created by TmTFx
Usb pen with haiku hrev53223 cannot boot hrev53189 works xhci errors …
8:14 PM Ticket #13792 (xhci: stall error does not recover) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Greg confirmed to me that he can now boot successfully via USB3 on …
7:00 PM Ticket #10528 ([kernel] crashed after closing Terminal tab) closed by waddlesplash
not reproducible
5:29 PM Ticket #15136 (Kdl while wiewing images folder) created by cmkat
KDL while i was using Photonic Hrev53209

Jul 2, 2019:

8:32 PM Ticket #15135 (static destruction order problem in mediakit) created by pulkomandy
I have an app crashing on exit. the MediaRosterUndertaker (a static …

Jul 1, 2019:

8:27 PM Ticket #15134 (Using integrated Intel GFX and dedicated PCI GFX card not possible) created by Alexco
I have a AMD Radeon 280x installed as primary graphics device with 2 …
3:01 AM Ticket #15131 (KDL when using multiple serial devices) closed by waddlesplash
fixed: Merged in hrev53225.
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