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Submitting Patches

  • By default, tickets are assigned to a default component owner. If you wish to work on an assigned ticket, simply comment on the ticket to inform the person. For the most part, this is to reduce the chance of duplicating work.
  • Create patches from within the HAIKU_TOP directory. This is the directory that contains configure and typically is haiku/ or buildtools/
    • svn diff path/to/modified/files additional/paths/are/allowed/ > ~/DescriptiveName.patch
  • Plain text is preferred, as it allows easy viewing within the browser.
  • The Coding Guidelines are expected to be followed when submitting patches.
    • Note: When patching existing files that do not follow our Coding Guidelines, it is preferable to apply the stylization to the entire file. If that is not possible, then conform to the pervading style being used.
  • checkstyle can be used to help identify violations.
  • HaikuCodingGuidelinesVIM integrate with vim to check style.
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