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added page for easy tasks

This is a list of easy introductory tasks for getting started with Haiku development. Before you start working on one of these tickets please add a comment to the ticket and add yourself to the ticket's Cc list (but don't remove anyone else).

inconsistent behavior of Revert button in Backgrounds preflet (easy)
BPicture R5 compatiblity (easy)
[InstallerCD] Artifacts after leaving KDL (easy)
Possible CharacterMap enhancements (easy)
Header file for the USB video driver (easy)
mediaplayer unable to play .m3u files (easy)
Support for .pls (easy)
No format choice when saving audio clip (easy)
[AboutSystem] underline links on mouse over (easy)
[MediaPlayer] show tooltip with current time position (easy)
Improved zoom button behaviour (easy)
[MediaPlayer] Location should be clickable in the File info window (easy)
[MediaPlayer] doesn't exit if started with unsupported file as an argument (easy)
intel partiton addon allows creating partitions > 2TB (easy)
MediaPlayer: playlist command line argument(s) (easy)
Alert _text field archived but never instantiated (easy)
[WebPositive] show icons for local files (easy)
Add eject button to MediaPlayer (for optical disks) (easy)
MediaPlayer Subtitles font size (easy)
Add mouse-down-filter-while-typing to Touchpad prefs (easy)
HaikuDepot's screenshot window improvements (easy)

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