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Axel, Ingo, Michael and Stephan have discussed about want to have features and came up with this list.

Future Haiku Features


  • Media Kit encoding support
  • Package management
    • Transfer installation/profile

Maybe R1

  • Locale Kit integration and translation of all Haiku applications and preflets
  • Session management
  • Content based search
  • WIFI support


  • Hardware 3D acceleration
    • 3D accelerated app_server
  • Tracker rewrite/refactoring
    • separate view mode code
    • add more view modes
  • Multi-user support
  • 64 bit support
  • Tool tips support/API in BView
  • Keyboard shortcut and gestures management
  • Keyboard and Mouse settings associated with hardware
  • Multi-head support in app_server
  • Concurrent user support in input and app_server
  • Remote app_server
  • New file system
  • More POSIX compatibility
  • Replacing the C library
  • Power management
  • Finalize new driver architecture and rewrite all drivers

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