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Work through "Programming with Haiku" (book2)

DarkWyrm's book Programming with Haiku is targetting people that already have a some experience with C++ and now want to learn how to create programs using the Haiku API.

For this task you need to have a Haiku nightly image installed.

Read through the lessons in Programming with Haiku and either

or, better

  • create a project at GitHub or a similar repo hoster and push all your code and screenshots there. This way you'll get used to the common project managment.

You do not need to do all of the assignments (most are thoughts on "Going Further" with the example of the lesson), but read through the book and get an understanding of the material presented.  Do some of the assignments and learn as you go. Please spend at least one calendar day on this task and put in some effort, you will probably learn something new in the process.
Which lessons you choose to do is up to you, have fun with it.

The BeBook and the HaikuBook are vital resources when it comes to the API of Haiku.

If you need help you can ask on

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