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Package Management TODO

  • Extend packagefs to provide symlinks for base paths of packages and their dependencies (needed for dealing with packages that hard-code absolute paths).
  • Prepare packagefs to be usable in a chroot environment. Currently it resolves the package directory path in the kernel I/O context.
  • Build system: Before creating packages (e.g. the user guide), all files must be identified, since packagefs is read-only.
  • Work on tools to build Haiku packages in a clean chroot environment.
  • Define packaging guidelines and create a tool to check packages those.
  • Adjust build "recipes" for HaikuPorts packages as needed and build the packages.
  • Extend packagefs to provide information about active packages to the tools that need it (e.g. the package solver).
  • Implement the package solver (as Oliver proposed based on libsatsolver).
  • Extend the package kit and the (CLI) package manager to support adding, removing, and updating packages. That probably also involves work on a server-side (i.e. repository) part.
  • Implement query support in packagefs.
  • If necessary, add a caching mechanism to packagefs to speed up mounting it.
  • Implement a GUI package manager.
  • Make the update feature of the build system usable again. Currently for anything in the haiku.hpkg package the whole package has to be rebuilt, which takes a rather long time.
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