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    2020* Make sure the API stays stable (Services Kit, Layout Kit, Locale Kit) for some time before the release so 3rd-party app can be up to date on it.
    2121* Complete the release roadmap and set the purpose for the release: [wiki:R1/ReleaseRoadMap]
    22 * Setup the wiki pages for the release ([wiki:R1/Alpha3])
     22* Setup the wiki pages for the release ([wiki:R1/Beta1])
     23* Fix all the blocking bugs
    2425== Branching ==
    25   * Fix all the blocking bugs
    26   * Branch the release
    27     - {{{git push origin master:r1alpha5}}}
    28   * Update the version constants in the branch (hrev36344, hrev36348) and in trunk (hrev36346)
    29   * remove the sleeps in the Bootscript
    30   * diable serial debug output (hrev36721) and in the kernel config file
     26  * Update the version constants in master (hrev52295)
     27  * Create the branch ({{{git push origin master:r1beta1}}})
     28  * Update the version constants in the branch ([ b5c9e6620])
     29  * Tag the buildtools & point the branch to them (TODO)
     30  * Disable serial debug output in bootloader and kernel config file  ([ 81fb2084b])
     31  * Turn KDEBUG_LEVEL down to 1, for performance reasons ([ 6db6c0b275])
    3132  * Update package repos to use the release repo (hrev41623)
    32   * Tag the build tools
    33   * Update the build tools in the branch (hrev36378)
    34   * Rebuild the optional packages - NO update of the packages at this point.
    3533  * Fix any remaining bugs [merge stuff from master on an exceptional basis] and do general polishing. Give some preview to people so they can test it.
    3634  * Import user guide (hrev36743, hrev36744) and synchronize locale catalogs
    37   * Set KDEBUG_LEVEL to 0 ({{{#define KDEBUG_LEVEL 0}}}) otherwise Haiku is too slow in VMs unless you're on a really fast processor
    3835  * Freeze the branch
    3936  * Make the branch official (hrev36768)