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Added notes about adding release to other websites

This page gather random notes about doing Haiku releases.


  • Fix all the blocking bugs
  • Branch the release

svn copy svn+ssh:// svn+ssh://

  • Update the version constants ( hrev36344 , hrev36348 )
  • remove the sleeps in the Bootscript
  • diable serial debug output (hrev36721)
  • update installoptionalpackage to read the release branch ( hrev41623 )
  • Tag the build tools
  • Update the build tools in the branch ( hrev36378 )
  • Rebuild the optional packages
  • Fix any remaining bugs and do general polishing. Give some preview to people so they can test it.
  • import user guide (hrev36743, hrev36744)
  • Freeze the branch
  • Make the branch official ( hrev36768 )
  • Tag the branch
  • Prepare release-files-directory:
      |--md5sums.txt (of compressed and uncompressed release-image-files)
      |--[release-image-files]  (both as .zip and .tar.xz)
      |--[release-image-files].torrent (of just the .zip's)
      |--[release-name]/sources/   (all source archives should be .tar.xz)
           |--[all optional packages]
  • rsync release-files-directory to[release-name]
  • rsync release-files-directory to baron:/srv/rsync/haiku-mirror-seed/releases/[release-name]/ (the 3rd-party rsync mirrors will automatically mirror the files)
  • Tell Distrowatch: (?)
  • Update the freshmeat/freecode page: (mmu_man)

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