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cc1 test case 1 complete - kdl

1KERN: vm_soft_fault: va 0x0 not covered by area in address space
2KERN: vm_page_fault: vm_soft_fault returned error 'Bad address' on fault at 0x2, ip 0x1c7ea4a, write 0, user 1, thread 0x2163
3KERN: vm_page_fault: thread "cc1" (8547) in team "cc1" (8547) tried to read address 0x2, ip 0x1c7ea4a ("cc1_seg0ro" +0xd8a4a)
4KERN: debug_server: Thread 8547 entered the debugger: Segment violation
5KERN: stack trace, current PC 0x1c7ea4a fold_rtx + 0x50a:
6KERN: (0x71580940) 0x1c85d60 cse_basic_block + 0x2b8
7KERN: (0x71584860) 0x1c859f4 cse_main + 0x274
8KERN: (0x715878d0) 0x1bd1531 rest_of_compilation + 0x655
9KERN: (0x71587980) 0x1d3cbee finish_function + 0xf2
10KERN: (0x715879c0) 0x1d2ad9e yyparse + 0xf52
11KERN: (0x71587f10) 0x1bd043d compile_file + 0xa55
12KERN: (0x71587f50) 0x1bd431f main + 0x157b
13KERN: (0x715880c0) 0x1bcdca7 _start + 0x5b
14KERN: (0x715880f0) 0xe89d82 runtime_loader + 0x132
15KERN: Keyboard Requested Halt.
16KERN: Welcome to Kernel Debugging Land...
17KERN: Thread 8 "idle thread 8" running on CPU 0
18KERN: kdebug> bt 8547stack trace for thread 8547 "cc1"
19KERN: kernel stack: 0xdeb1b000 to 0xdeb1f000
20KERN: user stack: 0x70589000 to 0x71589000
21KERN: frame caller <image>:function + offset
22KERN: 0 deb1e70c (+ 112) 8008eba2 <kernel_x86> reschedule() + 0x552
23KERN: 1 deb1e77c (+ 96) 80051a14 <kernel_x86> ConditionVariableEntry<0xdeb1e81c>::Wait(uint32: 0x20 (32), int64: 0) + 0x23c
24KERN: 2 deb1e7dc (+ 96) 80065881 <kernel_x86> read_port_etc + 0x175
25KERN: 3 deb1e83c (+1440) 800a21ba <kernel_x86> debug_debugger_message::thread_hit_debug_event_internal(0x8, int32: -558764396, true, 0x6e720001) + 0x38e
26KERN: 4 deb1eddc (+ 96) 800a24c2 <kernel_x86> debug_debugger_message::thread_hit_debug_event(0x8, int32: -558764396, true) + 0x2e
27KERN: 5 deb1ee3c (+ 48) 800a256e <kernel_x86> debug_debugger_message::thread_hit_serious_debug_event(0x8, int32: -558764396) + 0x2a
28KERN: 6 deb1ee6c (+ 80) 800a2789 <kernel_x86> user_debug_exception_occurred + 0x45
29KERN: 7 deb1eebc (+ 144) 8010d762 <kernel_x86> vm_page_fault + 0x262
30KERN: 8 deb1ef4c (+ 80) 8013811b <kernel_x86> x86_page_fault_exception + 0x18b
31KERN: 9 deb1ef9c (+ 12) 8012b99e <kernel_x86> int_bottom_user + 0x6f
32KERN: user iframe at 0xdeb1efa8 (end = 0xdeb1f000)
33KERN: eax 0x18b7ba88 ebx 0x1d7a33c ecx 0x0 edx 0x0
34KERN: esi 0x18b7ba70 edi 0x18b7ba64 ebp 0x71580940 esp 0xdeb1efdc
35KERN: eip 0x1c7ea4a eflags 0x13207 user esp 0x7158079c
36KERN: vector: 0xe, error code: 0x4
37KERN: 10 deb1efa8 (+ 0) 01c7ea4a <cc1> simplify_ternary_operation (nearest) + 0x766
38KERN: 11 71580940 (+16160) 01c85d60 <cc1> cse_main (nearest) + 0x5e0
39KERN: 12 71584860 (+12400) 01c859f4 <cc1> cse_main + 0x274
40KERN: 13 715878d0 (+ 176) 01bd1531 <cc1> rest_of_compilation + 0x655
41KERN: 14 71587980 (+ 64) 01d3cbee <cc1> finish_function + 0xf2
42KERN: 15 715879c0 (+1360) 01d2ad9e <cc1> yyparse + 0xf52
43KERN: 16 71587f10 (+ 64) 01bd043d <cc1> check_global_declarations (nearest) + 0xc01
44KERN: 17 71587f50 (+ 368) 01bd431f <cc1> main + 0x157b
45KERN: 18 715880c0 (+ 48) 01bcdca7 <cc1> _start + 0x5b
46KERN: 19 715880f0 (+ 48) 00e89d82 </boot/system/runtime_loader@0x00e7a000> <unknown> + 0xfd82
47KERN: 20 71588120 (+ 0) 60b2a250 <commpage> commpage_thread_exit + 0x00
48KERN: kdebug> in_context 8547 dis -100x01c7ea34: f7e6 mul %esi
49KERN: 0x01c7ea36: 89d1 mov %edx, %ecx
50KERN: 0x01c7ea38: 89f0 mov %esi, %eax
51KERN: 0x01c7ea3a: 29c8 sub %ecx, %eax
52KERN: 0x01c7ea3c: d1e8 shr , %eax
53KERN: 0x01c7ea3e: 01c1 add %eax, %ecx
54KERN: 0x01c7ea40: eb2a jmp 0x1c7ea6c
55KERN: 0x01c7ea42: 89f6 mov %esi, %esi
56KERN: 0x01c7ea44: 8b55e8 mov -0x18(%ebp), %edx
57KERN: 0x01c7ea47: 83c4f8 add $0xf8, %esp
58KERN: 0x01c7ea4a: 0fbe4202 movsxb 0x2(%edx), %eax
59KERN: 0x01c7ea4e: 50 push %eax
60KERN: 0x01c7ea4f: 52 push %edx
61KERN: 0x01c7ea50: e85b9cffff call 0x1c786b0
62KERN: 0x01c7ea55: 89c6 mov %eax, %esi
63KERN: 0x01c7ea57: ba85104208 mov $0x8421085, %edx
64KERN: 0x01c7ea5c: 89d0 mov %edx, %eax
65KERN: 0x01c7ea5e: f7e6 mul %esi
66KERN: 0x01c7ea60: 83c410 add $0x10, %esp
67KERN: 0x01c7ea63: 89f0 mov %esi, %eax
68KERN: kdebug> mapping 0x01c7ea4a 8547 page directory: 0x93dae000 (PDPT[0])
69KERN: page directory entry 14 (0x93dae070): 0x5a869027
70KERN: access: present writable user executable
71KERN: caching:
72KERN: flags: accessed
73KERN: page table: 0x5a869000
74KERN: page table entry 126 (phys: 0x5a8693f0): 0x57a11025
75KERN: access: present user executable global
76KERN: caching:
77KERN: flags: accessed
78KERN: address: 0x57a11000
79KERN: kdebug> mapping 0x01c7ea47 8547 page directory: 0x93dae000 (PDPT[0])
80KERN: page directory entry 14 (0x93dae070): 0x5a869027
81KERN: access: present writable user executable
82KERN: caching:
83KERN: flags: accessed
84KERN: page table: 0x5a869000
85KERN: page table entry 126 (phys: 0x5a8693f0): 0x57a11025
86KERN: access: present user executable global
87KERN: caching:
88KERN: flags: accessed
89KERN: address: 0x57a11000
90KERN: kdebug> mapping 0x01c7ea4e 8547 page directory: 0x93dae000 (PDPT[0])
91KERN: page directory entry 14 (0x93dae070): 0x5a869027
92KERN: access: present writable user executable
93KERN: caching:
94KERN: flags: accessed
95KERN: page table: 0x5a869000
96KERN: page table entry 126 (phys: 0x5a8693f0): 0x57a11025
97KERN: access: present user executable global
98KERN: caching:
99KERN: flags: accessed
100KERN: address: 0x57a11000