Ticket #13495: Scanimage-Canon-MP210-test

File Scanimage-Canon-MP210-test, 627 bytes (added by vidrep, 3 years ago)
1Welcome to the Haiku shell.
3~> scanimage --list-devices
4device `pixma:04A91721_71DF23' is a CANON Canon PIXMA MP210 multi-function peripheral
5~> scanimage --test
6scanimage: scanning image of size 638x877 pixels at 24 bits/pixel
7scanimage: acquiring RGB frame, 8 bits/sample
8scanimage: reading one scanline, 1914 bytes...
11KERN: usb hub 18: port 5: new device connected
12KERN: usb error ehci -1: qtd (0xf431380) error: 0x81878d46
13KERN: usb error ehci -1: KERN: qtd (0xf48da80) error: 0x00088d46
14KERN: usb error ehci -1: KERN: qtd (0xf48df00) error: 0x00058d46
15KERN: usb_hid: error waiting for report: General system error