Ticket #14652: BeShare 2x DL Prob Chat log

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Chat log of troubleshooting BeShare 2x upload issue

1System: BeShare is listening on port 7001. Select Connect from the File menu to begin!
2System: Your name has been changed to Shaka
3System: Connecting to server...
4System: Connection established.
5System: (Sharing 0 files)
6System: User #0 is now connected.
7System: User #0 is now known as Atrus
8System: User #1 is now connected.
9System: User #1 is now known as BeShare Admin
10System: User #1 (a.k.a. BeShare Admin) is now Away
11System: User #30 is now connected.
12System: User #30 is now known as bbjimmy
13System: User #30 (a.k.a. bbjimmy) is now away
14System: User #47 is now connected.
15System: User #47 is now known as seisei
16System: User #47 (a.k.a. seisei) is now pervasive-multithreading__BeShare2R5-WindowWide
17System: User #115 is now connected.
18System: User #115 is now known as pete
19System: User #115 (a.k.a. pete) is now away
20System: User #133 is now connected.
21System: User #133 is now known as AGMS
22System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) is now here
23System: User #142 is now connected.
24System: User #142 is now known as AlienSoldier
25System: User #142 (a.k.a. AlienSoldier) is now here
26System: User #143 is now connected.
27System: User #143 is now known as rennj
28System: User #143 (a.k.a. rennj) is now rennj
29(0) Atrus:
30Welcome to the TyCom Systems BeShare Server...
31Happy to serve the Haiku/BeOS/Zeta Communities since November 2001!
33If you would like to be included in the BeShare email directory [Atrus email <nick>] then just send an e-mail to minox@tycomsystems.com with your nick and email address.
35Known 3rd party Haiku software repositories as of 20150817,
36To add a repo to HaikuDepot, in a Terminal type:
38 "pkgman add-repo http://..."
40FatElk - http://coquillemartialarts.com/fatelk/repo
41BeSly Software Solutions - http://software.besly.de/repo
42Guest One's Russian collection - http://haiku.uwolke.ru/repo/
43clasqm's repo - http://clasquin-johnson.co.za/michel/repo
45System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) is downloading playlist-CottonSquares
46System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) has finished downloading playlist-CottonSquares
47(133) AGMS: Got it!
48(133) AGMS: Just downloaded a file from Shaka.
49(143) rennj: can you see the share now
50(145) Shaka: Ahhh!!! You're a genius AGMS!!
51(133) AGMS: And it fails to connect with rennj.
52(143) rennj: i just enabled firewall
53(145) Shaka: the plot thickens..
54(133) AGMS: Okay, so 2.35 file upload doesn't work.
55(143) rennj: you see silent running
56(133) AGMS: You could file a bug on HaikuPorts.
57(133) AGMS: Yes, see it there rennj, but can't download.
58System: User #143 (a.k.a. rennj) has disconnected.
59(133) AGMS: Now got the connected, then an error occured.
60System: User #146 is now connected.
61System: User #146 is now known as rennj
62System: User #146 (a.k.a. rennj) is now rennj
63(146) rennj: try now
64(146) rennj: restart beshare
65(133) AGMS: Nope, starts then errors out, rennj.
66(133) AGMS: Now it says remote machine too busy, rennj :-)
67System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) is downloading beos_sounds.zip
68Error: Error starting delayed connect!
69(146) rennj: weird
70(146) rennj: nothing going on
71(145) Shaka: I was trying to connect to rennj
72(146) rennj: i enabled firewall
73(146) rennj: restarted beshare
74(146) rennj: telnet ssh working here local for me..
75(133) AGMS: Yup, 2.35 uploads broken in both firewalled and nonfirewalled modes.
76(146) rennj: host to guest
77(146) rennj: guest to host
78(146) rennj: lets try 3.01
79System: User #146 (a.k.a. rennj) has disconnected.
80(133) AGMS: Decent speed downloading from Shaka, 150KB/s, but then I'm using BeOS, Haiku should be much faster (15Mb/s connection).
81System: User #147 is now connected.
82System: User #147 is now known as rennj
83System: User #147 (a.k.a. rennj) is now here
84System: User #115 (a.k.a. pete) has disconnected.
85(147) rennj: 3.01 reporting in
86(147) rennj: should i enable im firewalled?
87(133) AGMS: Probably, unless you've forwarded ports, rennj.
88(147) rennj: try it first
89(147) rennj: then ill enable
90(147) rennj: i am forwarding and masquerading
91(133) AGMS: Okay, that worked, rennj downloaded from me.
92System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) has finished downloading beos_sounds.zip
93(147) rennj: can you hit the silent-running on me
94(147) rennj: before i enable firewalled
95(147) rennj: i dont need firwalled to download
96(133) AGMS: Don't see it there, not sharing, BeShare 3+ uses /boot/home/BeShare/shared
97(147) rennj: hah uninstall of beshare 2.x left junk
98(147) rennj: lame
99(147) rennj: "beshare user data" i guess just in case you forget to move shit
100(133) AGMS: Needed to have /boot/home/BeShare since with package management, the normal spot becomes read-only.
101(147) rennj: how about now
102(147) rennj: can you download from me
103(133) AGMS: Connecting...
104(145) Shaka: could the issue be that 2x beshare is using a file path with spaces in the name?/boot/home/BeShare User Data
105(133) AGMS: Try changing the I'm firewalled setting, rennj.
106(147) rennj: ok
107(147) rennj: sharing 1 files
108(147) rennj: heh
109(147) rennj: soon as you enable it
110(133) AGMS: Now it's going!
111(147) rennj: i see you
112(147) rennj: yeah
113(147) rennj: well nice it works
114(147) rennj: "im firewalled" needed
115(133) AGMS: Yes, needs it unless you're directly on the internet or have port 7000-7009 forwarded to your Haiku PC.
116(133) AGMS: Only drawback is that two people both behind firewalls can't share files with each other.
117Action: AGMS stops the download.
118System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) is downloading beos5.ico
119System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) has finished downloading beos5.ico
120(147) rennj: im behind a firewall
121(147) rennj: i just shared with you
122(133) AGMS: My system is port forwarded, so not behind a firewall in effect.
123(147) rennj: and i downloaded from you
124(147) rennj: yeah well im forwarding also
125(133) AGMS: Yup, anybody can download from me.
126(147) rennj: you got proper ports openm
127(133) AGMS: Ports 7000 plus a few more, usually up to 7009 (each additional active download uses a port).
128(145) Shaka: I can't see rennj files
129(147) rennj: hmm vmware-addon works nice
130(147) rennj: yeah this gcc2/32bit vm is better out-of-box than solaris 11.4..
131(147) rennj: beta1
132(133) AGMS: Shaka he's got one file shared, refresh your list or change it to *@rennj rather than the number kind.
133(133) AGMS: Since he's got a new number every time he restarted BeShare.
134(145) Shaka: still no. maybe only allows one connection?
135(133) AGMS: You'd get a message saying that it's busy.
136(133) AGMS: Still works for me.
137(147) rennj: shaka
138(147) rennj: no file shared
139(145) Shaka: k
140(147) rennj: im sharing
141(147) rennj: i cant see any on your share
142System: User #148 is now connected.
143System: User #148 is now known as ttuser
144System: User #148 (a.k.a. ttuser) is now here
145System: User #148 (a.k.a. ttuser) is now known as AGMS-Haiku
146(145) Shaka: I'm sharing
147System: User #148 (a.k.a. AGMS-Haiku) has disconnected.
148System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) is downloading beos5.ico
149System: User #133 (a.k.a. AGMS) has finished downloading beos5.ico
150(133) AGMS: Still working.
151(147) rennj: i dont see anything from Shaka
152System: User #149 is now connected.
153System: User #149 is now known as AGMS-Haiku
154System: User #149 (a.k.a. AGMS-Haiku) is now here
155(149) AGMS-Haiku: Hmm, can't see Shaka from here, thinks he's firewalled.
156(147) rennj: 3 vm's running about 12GB gone ...beos is eating 2GB
157System: (Sharing 2088 files)
158(149) AGMS-Haiku: So I don't see his files because I'm firewalled too.
159(147) rennj: haiku i should say
160(147) rennj: heh
161(145) Shaka: I was now im not
162(147) rennj: i can see files and download from people
163(147) rennj: seisei
164(147) rennj: AGMS
165(145) Shaka: Ok now I see rennj share
166(149) AGMS-Haiku: Now I see Shaka's files.
167(147) rennj: yep see them now
168(147) rennj: connecting
169(145) Shaka: so whats the verdict on firewalls? Off if ports are open/forwarded?
170(149) AGMS-Haiku: Correct.
171System: User #149 (a.k.a. AGMS-Haiku) has disconnected.