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  • src/apps/expander/ExpanderRules.cpp

    4545    fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/x-tar",             ".tar",     "tar -tvf %s",                  "tar -xf %s"));
    4646    fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/x-gzip",            ".gz",      "echo %s | sed 's/.gz$//g'",    "gunzip %s"));
    4747    fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/x-bzip2",           ".bz2",     "echo %s | sed 's/.bz2$//g'",   "bunzip2 %s"));
    48     fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/zip",               ".zip",     "unzip -l %s",                  "unzip -o %s"));
    49     fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/x-zip-compressed",  ".zip",     "unzip -l %s",                  "unzip -o %s"));
     48    //echo n sends an no to the question write error (disk full?).  Continue? (y/n/^C)
     49    fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/zip",               ".zip",     "unzip -l %s",                  "echo n|unzip -o %s"));
     50    fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/x-zip-compressed",  ".zip",     "unzip -l %s",                  "echo n|unzip -o %s"));
    5051    fList.AddItem(new ExpanderRule("application/x-rar",             ".rar",     "unrar v %s",                   "unrar x -y %s"));
    5253    BFile file;