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    7777DAC1: FP_DEBUG2: $00000000
    7878DAC1: FP_DEBUG3: $10001000
    7979DAC1: FUNCSEL: $00000010
    80 DAC1: PANEL_PWR: $22222222
     80DAC1: PANEL_PWR: $62222222
    8181DAC2: FP_HDISPEND: 0
    8282DAC2: FP_HTOTAL: 0
    8383DAC2: FP_HCRTC: 0
    13801380Overlay: Not exporting hook B_ALLOCATE_OVERLAY.
    13811381Overlay: Not exporting hook B_RELEASE_OVERLAY.
    13821382Overlay: Not exporting hook B_CONFIGURE_OVERLAY.
    1383 ACCELERANT_MODE_COUNT: the modelist contains 112 modes
    1384 GET_MODE_LIST: exporting the modelist created before.
    1385 SETMODE: (ENTER) initial modeflags: $0000011f
    1386 SETMODE: requested target pixelclock 64995kHz
    1387 SETMODE: requested virtual_width 1024, virtual_height 1536
    1388 PROPOSEMODE: (ENTER) requested virtual_width 1024, virtual_height 1536
    1389 INIT: memory pitch will be set to 1024 pixels for colorspace 0x00000008
     1383SETMODE: (ENTER) initial modeflags: $00000000
     1384SETMODE: requested target pixelclock 135000kHz
     1385SETMODE: requested virtual_width 1280, virtual_height 2048
     1386PROPOSEMODE: (ENTER) requested virtual_width 1280, virtual_height 2048
     1387INIT: memory pitch will be set to 1280 pixels for colorspace 0x00000008
    13901388DAC: NV4/NV10/NV20 restrictions apply
    1391 DAC: pix VCO frequency found 516.857178Mhz
    1392 DAC: pix PLL check: requested 64.995003MHz got 64.607147MHz, mnp 0x0e 0x43 0x03
    1393 PROPOSEMODE: validated virtual_width 1024, virtual_height 1536 pixels
    1394 PROPOSEMODE: initial modeflags: $0000011f
     1389DAC: pix VCO frequency found 270.000000Mhz
     1390DAC: pix PLL check: requested 135.000000MHz got 135.000000MHz, mnp 0x0e 0x23 0x01
     1391PROPOSEMODE: validated virtual_width 1280, virtual_height 2048 pixels
     1392PROPOSEMODE: initial modeflags: $00000000
    13951393PROPOSEMODE: validated modeflags: $0000011f
    13961394PROPOSEMODE: completed successfully.
    13971395CRTC: setting DPMS: (panel-)display off, hsync disabled, vsync disabled
    13981396CRTC2: setting DPMS: display off, hsync disabled, vsync disabled
    1399 INIT: memory pitch will be set to 1024 pixels for colorspace 0x00000008
     1397INIT: memory pitch will be set to 1280 pixels for colorspace 0x00000008
    14001398INIT: switching CRTC/DAC use to be straight-through
    14011399DAC: Not programming DFP refresh (specified in nv.settings)
    14021400DAC: Setting screen mode 4 brightness 1.000000
    14031401DAC: setting palette
    14041402DAC: PAL pixrdmsk readback $ff
    14051403CRTC: setting card pitch (offset between lines)
    1406 CRTC: offset register set to: $0200
     1404CRTC: offset register set to: $0280
    14071405CRTC: setting card RAM to be displayed bpp 32
    14081406CRTC: startadd: $00000800
    14091407CRTC: frameRAM: $90000000
    14121410CRTC: DFP active: tuning modeline
    14131411CRTC: Setting full timing...
    1415     HTOT:a2
    1416     HDISPEND:7f
    1417     HBLNKS:7f
    1418     HBLNKE:a6
    1419     HSYNCS:84
    1420     HSYNCE:90
    1421     VTOT:31c
    1422     VDISPEND:2ff
    1423     VBLNKS:2ff
    1424     VBLNKE:31d
    1425     VSYNCS:301
    1426     VSYNCE:303
    1427 CRTC: sync polarity: H:neg V:neg , MISC reg readback: $cb
     1413    HTOT:c9
     1414    HDISPEND:9f
     1415    HBLNKS:9f
     1416    HBLNKE:cd
     1417    HSYNCS:a6
     1418    HSYNCE:b4
     1419    VTOT:427
     1420    VDISPEND:3ff
     1421    VBLNKS:3ff
     1422    VBLNKE:428
     1423    VSYNCS:401
     1424    VSYNCE:404
     1425CRTC: sync polarity: H:pos V:pos , MISC reg readback: $0b
    14281426CRTC: FP_HTIMING reg readback: $00
    14291427CRTC: FP_VTIMING reg readback: $00
    14301428CRTC: GPU scales for DFP if needed
    1431 CRTC: (relative) widescreen panel: tuning horizontal scaling
    1432 CRTC: FP_HVALID_S reg readback: $0000ffd5
    1433 CRTC: FP_HVALID_E reg readback: $0000052a
     1429CRTC: FP_HVALID_S reg readback: $00000000
     1430CRTC: FP_HVALID_E reg readback: $000004ff
    14341431CRTC: FP_VVALID_S reg readback: $00000000
    14351432CRTC: FP_VVALID_E reg readback: $000003ff
    1436 CRTC: FP_DEBUG0 reg readback: $01101195
    1437 CRTC: FP_DEBUG1 reg readback: $00001600
    1438 CRTC: FP_DEBUG2 reg readback: $12ff0000
    1439 CRTC: FP_DEBUG3 reg readback: $0bff0c00
     1433CRTC: FP_DEBUG0 reg readback: $01101191
     1434CRTC: FP_DEBUG1 reg readback: $00000000
     1435CRTC: FP_DEBUG2 reg readback: $00000000
     1436CRTC: FP_DEBUG3 reg readback: $10001000
    14401437CRTC: FP_TG_CTRL reg readback: $25100022
    14411438ACC_DMA: command buffer is at adress $9fff8000
    14421439SET_DPMS_MODE: $00000001
    14431440CRTC: setting DPMS: (panel-)display on, hsync enabled, vsync enabled
    14441441INIT: RAM access OK.
    1445 SETMODE: booted since 41101.232000 mS
     1442SETMODE: booted since 41022.651000 mS
    14461443Acc: Exporting hook B_FILL_RECTANGLE.
    14471444Acc: Exporting hook B_INVERT_RECTANGLE.
    14481445Acc: Exporting hook B_SCREEN_TO_SCREEN_BLIT.