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sample catkey file

11 english x-vnd.Haiku-Mouse 3306943515
2Mouse type: SettingsView Mouse type:
3Warp SettingsView Warp
42-Button SettingsView 2-Button
5Double-click test area SettingsView Double-click test area
6Revert MouseWindow Revert
7...by Andrew Edward McCall MouseApplication ...by Andrew Edward McCall
8Focus Follows Mouse SettingsView Focus Follows Mouse
9Mouse Acceleration SettingsView Mouse Acceleration
10Click to Focus SettingsView Click to Focus
113-Button SettingsView 3-Button
12Focus mode: SettingsView Focus mode:
13Mouse Speed SettingsView Mouse Speed
14Dig Deal MouseApplication Dig Deal
151-Button SettingsView 1-Button
16Double-click speed SettingsView Double-click speed
17Instant Warp SettingsView Instant Warp
18Defaults MouseWindow Defaults
19Accept first click SettingsView Accept first click
20Fast SettingsView Fast
21Normal SettingsView Normal
22Mouse MouseWindow Mouse
23Slow SettingsView Slow
24Click to Activate SettingsView Click to Activate