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11 dutch x-vnd.Haiku-MidiPlayer 1406887279
2None Main Window Geen
3Live input: Main Window Live input:
4Haiku MIDI Player 1.0.0 beta\n\nThis tiny program\nKnows how to play thousands of\nCheesy sounding songs Main Application This is a haiku. First line has five syllables, second has seven and last has five again. Create your own. Haiku MIDI Player 1.0.0 beta\n\nMiniscuul proggie\nspeelt voor u uit duizenden\ngoedkope deuntjes
5Stop Main Window Stop
6Cavern Main Window Grot
7Volume: Main Window Volume:
8Reverb: Main Window Galm:
9OK Main Window OK
10MidiPlayer Main Window MidiPlayer
11Off Main Window Uit
12Dungeon Main Window Kerker
13Play Main Window Afspelen
14Garage Main Window Garage
15Closet Main Window WC
16Drop MIDI file here Scope View Sleep MIDI-bestand hierheen
17Igor's lab Main Window Igor's lab
18Scope Main Window Scoop
19Could not load song Main Window Nummer kon niet geladen worden