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sample catkey file

11 english x-vnd.Haiku-Screenshot 4112363544
2seconds ScreenshotWindow seconds
3Options ScreenshotWindow Options
4Desktop ScreenshotWindow Desktop
5Include window border ScreenshotWindow Include window border
6Back to saving ScreenshotWindow Back to saving
7Select ScreenshotWindow Select
8Capture active window ScreenshotWindow Capture active window
9Cancel ScreenshotWindow Cancel
10screenshot ScreenshotWindow !! Basename of screenshot files. !! screenshot
11Name: ScreenshotWindow Name:
12screenshot1 ScreenshotWindow !! Filename of first screenshot !! screenshot1
13SomethingLongHere ScreenshotWindow !! length >= screenshot file name? !! SomethingLongHere
14Save screenshot ScreenshotWindow Save screenshot
15Capture entire screen ScreenshotWindow Capture entire screen
16Choose folder ScreenshotWindow Choose folder
17Take screenshot ScreenshotWindow Take screenshot
18Save ScreenshotWindow Save
19Overwrite ScreenshotWindow Overwrite
20Take Screenshot ScreenshotWindow Take Screenshot
21Retake screenshot ScreenshotWindow Retake screenshot
22Choose folder... ScreenshotWindow Choose folder...
23Please select ScreenshotWindow Please select
24Save as: ScreenshotWindow Save as:
25Save in: ScreenshotWindow Save in:
26Take screenshot after a delay of ScreenshotWindow Take screenshot after a delay of
27Artwork folder ScreenshotWindow Artwork folder
28Home folder ScreenshotWindow Home folder
29This file already exists.\n Are you sure would you like to overwrite it? ScreenshotWindow This file already exists.\n Are you sure would you like to overwrite it?
30overwrite ScreenshotWindow overwrite
31Include mouse pointer ScreenshotWindow Include mouse pointer