Ticket #5758: MP output mp4

File MP output mp4, 4.3 KB (added by khallebal, 12 years ago)
2Welcome to the Haiku shell.
4~> MediaPlayer /no\ name/11-hbot_fi_alm7et_512kb.mp4
5MainApp::ArgvReceived /no name/11-hbot_fi_alm7et_512kb.mp4
6MainApp::ArgvReceived calling RefsReceived
7MainWin::MessageReceived: B_REFS_RECEIVED
8open playlist item: 11-hbot_fi_alm7et_512kb.mp4
11asfReader::Sniff: unsupported file type
14AVFormatReader::StreamCookie::Open() - av_probe_input_format(): mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2
15AVFormatReader::StreamCookie::Open() - support for demuxer 'mov,mp4,m4a,3gp,3g2,mj2' is not enabled. See DemuxerTable.cpp
16 failed to detect stream: Operation not supported
20mkvReader::Sniff: open failed, error: Invalid first byte of EBML ID: 00
21ftyp atom found checking for qt brand
22ftyp atom found checking brands...no quicktime brand found must be mp4
23Decoder Config Atom - Unknown type [45]
24Extended Sample Description Atom [51]
25obj type id is 64
26stream type is 5
27Buffer Size is 0
28max Bitrate is 64000
29avg Bitrate is 0
30(File type Atom)
314:(MPEG-4 Movie)
32-(MPEG-4 Movie Header)
33-2:(MPEG-4 Track Atom)
34--(MPEG-4 Track Header)
35--3:(MPEG-4 Media Atom)
36---(MPEG-4 Media Header)
37---(MPEG-4 Handler Reference Atom )
38---3:(MPEG-4 Media Information Atom)
39----(MPEG-4 Video Media Header)
40----1:(MPEG-4 Data Information Atom)
42----6:(MPEG-4 Sample Table Atom)
43-----(Sample Description Atom)
44-----(Time to Sample Atom)
45-----(Sync Sample Atom)
46-----(Sample to Chunk Atom)
47-----SS=0 Count=88813 (Sample Size Atom)
48-----(Chunk to Offset Atom)
49-2:(MPEG-4 Track Atom)
50--(MPEG-4 Track Header)
51--3:(MPEG-4 Media Atom)
52---(MPEG-4 Media Header)
53---(MPEG-4 Handler Reference Atom )
54---3:(MPEG-4 Media Information Atom)
55----(MPEG-4 Sound Media Header)
56----1:(MPEG-4 Data Information Atom)
58----5:(MPEG-4 Sample Table Atom)
59-----(Sample Description Atom)
60-----(Time to Sample Atom)
61-----(Sample to Chunk Atom)
62-----SS=0 Count=139884 (Sample Size Atom)
63-----(Chunk to Offset Atom)
65Offset 1866064, Size 213426695 (Media Data Atom)
66MediaTrackAudioSupplier: keyframes: 0, frame count: 143241216
67MediaTrackVideoSupplier::_SwitchFormat() - preferred color space: B_RGB24_BIG
68CPU is capable of running MMX SSE1 SSE2
69resolve_colorspace: gfx_conv_yuv420p_rgba32_sse2
70MediaTrackVideoSupplier::_SwitchFormat() - codec changed colorspace of decoded format (B_RGB24_BIG -> B_RGB32)!
71BMediaEventLooper: SchedulingLatency is 0
72BMediaEventLooper: SchedulingLatency is 0
73BMediaRoster::Connect connection established!
74BMediaRoster::ReleaseNode, trying to release reference counting disabled timesource, node 1, port 110675, team 826
75BMediaEventLooper: SchedulingLatency is 0
76BMediaRoster::Connect connection established!
78performance time for 1446066310: 1387155843
79B_START: start time: 1387155843
80_ResizeVideoView: 0,19, width 320, height 240
81key 0x3c, rawChar 0x71, modifiers 0x422
82VideoProducer: dropped frame (230)
83AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
84AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
85AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
86AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
87AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
88AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
89AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
90AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
91AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
92AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
93AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
94AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
95AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
96AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
97AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
98AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
99AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
100AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
101AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
102AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
103AudioProducer::_FillNextBuffer() - supplier error -> silence
104BMediaRoster::ReleaseNode, trying to release reference counting disabled timesource, node 2, port 204922, team 826