Ticket #7494: BootPromptWindow.cpp.patch

File BootPromptWindow.cpp.patch, 786 bytes (added by taos, 9 years ago)

Patch with shortend B_TRANSLATE_COMMENT string.

  • src/apps/readonlybootprompt/BootPromptWindow.cpp

    268268               "Do you wish to run the Installer or continue booting to the "
    269269               "Desktop?\n",
    271                "For other languages, a test like the following could be added: \""
     271               "For other languages, a note could be added: \""
    272272               "Note: Localization of Haiku applications and other components is "
    273273               "an on-going effort. You will frequently encounter untranslated "
    274274               "strings, but if you like, you can join in the work at "