Ticket #7740: printf_debug_output_showimage_crash.txt

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printf debug output

1BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): fBasePointer is 60020000
2BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): end of method: fBasePointer is 60020000
3BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): fBasePointer is 60020000
4BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): end of method: fBasePointer is 60020000
5BBitmapStream::WriteAt: fBitmap is 18146628, fBitmap->BitsLength() is 3145728, fBitmap->Bits is 60020000
6BBitmapStream::WriteAt: dest is 6031f000, data is 18203748, toWrite is 4096
7BBitmapStream::BBitmapStream: fBitmap is 0
8BBitmapStream::WriteAt: pos is less than sizeof(TranslatorBitmap)
9BBitmapStream::WriteAt: dest is 181137ec, data is 700c1734, toWrite is 32
10BBitmap::_InitObject: beginning: fBasePointer is 0
11BBitmap::_InitObject: made it past initial check
12BBitmap::_InitObject: about to allocate bitmap buffer
13BBitmap::_InitObject: The bitmap size is 179317600
14BBitmap::_InitObject: creating bitmap in app_server
15BBitmap::_InitObject: kNewAllocatorArea, fServerArea is 23194
16ServerMemoryAllocator::AddArea: clone_area failed with Invalid Argument
17BBitmap::_InitObject: allocator->AddArea failed, error is Invalid Argument!
18BBitmap::_InitObject: after area stuff: fBasePointer is 0
19BBitmap::_InitObject: we have an error state, resetting everything
20BBitmapStream::WriteAt: in else clause
21BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): fBasePointer is 0
22BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): end of method: fBasePointer is 0
23BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): fBasePointer is 0
24BBitmap::_AssertPointer(): end of method: fBasePointer is 0
25BBitmapStream::WriteAt: fBitmap is 181465d0, fBitmap->BitsLength() is 179317600, fBitmap->Bits is 0
26BBitmapStream::WriteAt: dest is 0, data is 182c3b8c, toWrite is 32800