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    1 It seems Icon-O-Matic has an artificial vector point limit.  Converting a PNG to an SVG, then trying to import it into Icon-O-Matic results in it dropping points in paths when saving (even though Icon-O-Matic seems content with the image)
     1hvif has a limitation of 256 nodes per path, 256 paths, etc.
     2Icon-O-Matic happily imports svg vectors outside of these constraints.
     4When saving an hvif, the extra data points are quietly dropped. This can result in lost work and a general feeling that Haiku/Icon-O-Matic is broken.
    4 This can result in lost work.
     6Since hvif is working as intended, lets try to provide the following feedback:
    6 EDIT: Occurs for HVIF saves only. I thought native saves encountered it as well... but I was mistaken. This could be a limitation of the HVIF format?
     81) When importing an svg with more than 256 nodes per path, throw a warning dialog about limitations in the hvif format.
    8 Solutions:
    9   * Fix artificial limit in saving
    10   * Provide an alert when creating more vector points in path than supported.
     102) When exporting a vector as an hvif with more than 256 nodes per path, throw an error. "Paths with more than 256 nodes detected, path nodes will be truncated"
     12While Icon-O-Matic does support > 256 points, the end goal is generally to produce an hvif.
     14From a UX experience, placing a warning on import provides a better chance to catch these issues early and warn users to produce better svg graphics before they "work" on their final icons.
     16"Nobody likes to have to redo stuff"