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    initial v1  
    4 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t init_hardware()
    5 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t init_driver()
    6 KERN: intel_extreme: detect_intel_pch: No PCH detected.
    7 KERN: intel_extreme: (0) i915GM, revision = 0x3
    8 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED const char ** publish_devices()
    9 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED struct device_hooks * find_device(const char *)
    10 KERN: loaded driver /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/graphics/intel_extreme
    11 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t init_hardware()
    12 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t init_driver()
    13 KERN: intel_extreme: detect_intel_pch: No PCH detected.
    14 KERN: intel_extreme: (0) i915GM, revision = 0x3
    15 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED const char ** publish_devices()
    16 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED struct device_hooks * find_device(const char *)
    17 KERN: loaded driver /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/graphics/intel_extreme
    18 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t device_open(const char *, long unsigned int, void **)
    19 KERN: intel_extreme: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t intel_extreme_init(intel_info &)
    20 KERN: intel_extreme: Init Intel generation 3 GPU without PCH split.
    21 KERN: intel_extreme: REGS_NORTH_SHARED: 0x0
    22 KERN: intel_extreme: REGS_NORTH_PIPE_AND_PORT: 0x60000
    23 KERN: intel_extreme: REGS_NORTH_PLANE_CONTROL: 0x70000
    24 KERN: intel_extreme: REGS_SOUTH_SHARED: 0x0
    25 KERN: intel_extreme: REGS_SOUTH_TRANSCODER_PORT: 0x60000
    26 KERN: intel_extreme:CALLED status_t intel_en_gating(intel_info &)
    27 KERN: intel_extreme:i965 quirk
    28 KERN: intel_extreme:CALLED status_t intel_en_downclock(intel_info &)
    29 KERN: intel_extreme:intel_en_downclock: Downclocking not supported on this chipset.
    30 KERN: intel_extreme: mapping VBIOS: 0xc0000 -> 0x81f46000
    31 KERN: intel_extreme: parsing BDB blocks
    32 KERN: intel_extreme: found LFP of size 1024 x 768 in BIOS VBT tables
    33 KERN: intel_extreme: intel_extreme_init: completed successfully!
    34 KERN: intel_extreme: accelerant: intel_extreme.accelerant
    35 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t intel_init_accelerant(int)
    36 KERN: intel_extreme: Pipe A. Pipe Base: 0x0 Plane Base: 0x0
    37 KERN: intel_extreme: Pipe B. Pipe Base: 0x1000 Plane Base: 0x1000
    38 KERN: intel_extreme: pipe control for: 0xffffffff 0xffffffff
    39 KERN: intel_extreme: adpa: 40008c18
    40 KERN: intel_extreme: dova: 00000000, dovb: 00480004, dovc: 00480000
    41 KERN: intel_extreme: lvds: c0308300
    42 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort A PortRegister: 0x2004000
    43 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort A link not detected
    44 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort B PortRegister: 0x5004100
    45 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort B link not detected
    46 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort C PortRegister: 0x5004200
    47 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort C link not detected
    48 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort D PortRegister: 0x5004300
    49 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DisplayPort D link not detected
    50 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: Embedded DisplayPort A PortRegister: 0x2004000
    51 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: Embedded DisplayPort A link not detected
    52 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: DVI B PortRegister: 0x5001140
    53 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t Port::GetEDID(edid1_info *, bool = false)
    54 KERN: intel_extreme: DVI B: trying to read EDID
    55 KERN: intel_extreme: DVI B: using ddc @ 0x4005020
    56 KERN: intel_extreme: DVI B: no EDID information found.
    57 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: LVDS C PortRegister: 0x5001180
    58 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t Port::GetEDID(edid1_info *, bool = false)
    59 KERN: intel_extreme: LVDS C: trying to read EDID
    60 KERN: intel_extreme: LVDS C: using ddc @ 0x4005018
    61 KERN: intel_extreme: LVDS C: no EDID information found.
    62 KERN: intel_extreme: LVDS: Couldn't find any valid EDID!
    63 KERN: intel_extreme: IsConnected: Analog A PortRegister: 0x5001100
    64 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t Port::GetEDID(edid1_info *, bool = false)
    65 KERN: intel_extreme: Analog A: trying to read EDID
    66 KERN: intel_extreme: Analog A: using ddc @ 0x4005010
    67 KERN: intel_extreme: Analog A: no EDID information found.
    68 KERN: intel_extreme: dump_ports: No ports connected
    69 KERN: intel_extreme: Warning: zero active displays were found!
    70 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t intel_get_edid_info(void *, long unsigned int, uint32 *)
    71 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED uint32 intel_accelerant_mode_count()
    72 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t intel_get_mode_list(display_mode *)
    73 KERN: intel_extreme: intel_set_display_mode(1024x768)
    74 KERN: intel_extreme: intel_set_display_mode: Port configuration completed successfully!
    75 KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t intel_get_frame_buffer_config(frame_buffer_config *)
    764KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t init_hardware()
    775KERN: intel_extreme: CALLED status_t init_driver()