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I have an Asus ultrabook that has the same clickpad... adjusting description to be more generic.


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    1 I Installed Haiku r34776 on a Dell Inspiron Mini 10v Netbook and have problems with the mouse/touchpad not working correctly.
    2 Haiku was running from a USB stick but this shouldn't make any difference I wouldn't have thought.
    3 The mouse pointer moves OK when sliding ones finger over the touchpad but neither the left or right buttons work.
    4 What is interesting though is if one taps on the surface of the touchpad a left click is rendered which of course is correct.
     1Synaptics is now making touchpads that have one "physical" button which is the whole pad. To determine if a click is on the left or right side, the buttons are part of the touchpad and the synaptics driver detects where the finger is placed (this works due to multi-touch support)
    6 The touchpad I believe is known as a "Synaptics Touchpad" but I'll try to find out more specific information from a Linux install or suchlike.
     3Known laptop models with this clickpad:
     4* Dell Inspiron Mini 10v
     5* Asus UX31A
     6* Asus UX32A
     7* HP series 4500 ProBooks
     8* ThinkPad X220
     9* ThinkPad X1
     12By default, the whole pad is detected as the left mouse button.. so basic functionality exsists.
     14More Information: