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    66> Please stop spamming unrelated tickets with your pet theories when you clearly know absolutely nothing about how the OS/kernel works. The cache will never shrink unless forced to by memory pressure (i.e. an app requesting more mem than is available without freeing some cache pages). This is by design, and is completely unrelated to if/when they're written to disk. They're kept in memory in order to increase performance, since random free memory that's unused isn't accomplishing anything anyways, so any use of it to decrease disk access is a good thing. You'll notice large amounts of cache usage on every other major OS as well.
    8     Well here the thing, It's a behavior I am observing and you are being delibrately ignorant of it. I am also telling you that the cache is not being released when a large file copy operation is invoked. Try this, put a 4gb "movies are sufficient large" file on your primary partition, copy it to another partition, then unmount the secondary partition.The system will refuse to do so saying the disk is still in use long after Tracker has reported finishing the file copy operation. The data is not being written out of the cache and into the partition in totality. It is left lingering in the cache. I have also observed this behavior when installing from the desktop regardless of the method used. The cache for file copy operations never unload or clears.
    10    this might be the exact problem people are observing with metadata as well as other file system copy problems during install when running from the desktop.
    12    But thats OK, since its not at all related to files not being copied properly right ?
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