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    11I will do so. Also the indent is a something with IE explorer. Sorry I will make sure to edit in the future with web+ or aurora.
     3As to the existing printer drivers. While its nice to call them native "they are ports IIRC" its just adding needless clutter and create confusion. Personally I would just simply make guetenprint the defualt driver. then have te user select the printer and put in the connection method, and whatever network prefrences need setup.
     5Removing uneeded clutter makes setup easier by presenting the user with less choices. One of the halmarks of BEOS. Keep it lean,mean and clean.
     7It bears repeating becuase its one of the reasons Linux can be so difficult. Windows gives one printer setup dialog. thats how haiku should be, although MS offering often have manufacturer specific setup and control dialogs, almost all MS compatable printers can be setup with a driver only mode from the native printer setup dialog.
     9This approach reduces fustration for the end user.
     11As to testing the native printers. No knock on the developers but guetenprint is worked on by the manufacturers. It likely has better and more full support. If there is a small performance penalty "1-5 seconds" its not worth fretting over.
     13Users comming from others Operating systems are likely to be fiarly blown away anyways and they expect slow lagging non responsive behavior. It simply isn't worth being concerned about from a useability perspective.
     15What is important is reducing clutter and making things appear to be easier. You could always hide the native drivers behind a advanced interface anyways "like other OS's"
     18I will wonderbrush some mockup tonight and post them here. They will look a bit rough.