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    3535- "buffer_frames  128" -> audio ok immediately; gets chopped off a fair bit if I "shake" around a W+ window.
    3636- "buffer_frames  256" -> audio ok immediately; gets chopped off a bit on W+ test
    37 - [I will continue increasing buffer size later on as time permits and edit this comment accordingly]
     37- Edit:
     38- "buffer_frames  512" -> audio ok immediately; gets chopped off a bit on W+ test
     39- "buffer_frames  1024" -> No Audio after media restart. After ca. 7 minutes it comes back; though MediaPlayer must be out of the way -- not running -- at the seven minutes mark it seems.. Once the mark is passed, starting it once results in some relatively garbled sound; restarting it again and the sound is perfect (and no more messages in syslog to the tune of "KERN: Received buffer 3455 usec late").
     41[So to summarize, buffersizes in the 128-to-512 range allow audio to work immediately here, and audio glitches are hard to eradicate -- but for the latter I'm starting to suspect it's something to do with network activity, since glitches seem to stop when the W+ page if done loading..]
    3944I'll stay with Auich a couple more days before plugging the SB-live back in.